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Ashura special! Ibrahim Soudy on the future of Islam

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Ibrahim Soudy

Guest: Ibrahim Soudy of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Alongside his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Ibrahim holds ten different structural engineering licenses. He has no doubt that the three World Trade Center buildings were taken down in controlled demolitions. But today, we turn to another topic: The future of Islam and where do Muslims go from here.

Recorded on Ashura, a date on the Muslim calendar that is observed very differently by different groups of Muslims, this show features a lively conversation on the urgent need for intra-Muslim dialogue aimed at finding a basis for unity.

Ibrahim is organizing such a dialogue between Muslims from different schools of thought in the Seattle area. Muslims who would like to participate are invited to contact him at ibrahim(dot)soudy(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 Thoughts to “Ashura special! Ibrahim Soudy on the future of Islam”

  1. Anonymous


    Excellent program with you and Ibrahim Soudy on the future of Islam. Listening to people who know and understand the cultural and religious perspectives of those involved in the Middle East conflict can only help the naive and ignorant, especially the dumbed-downed Christian Zionists who continue to throw down petrol hate and dollars into the political conflagration in that region. I'm certain that there are about 90% of the general public (especially in the west) who cannot tell the difference between Sunni and Shia. I'm certain that since the battle of Chaldiran, which was fought between the Sunni Ottoman Empire and the Shia Safavid dynasty, the specific doctrine of Islam has become diluted in great part as has orthodox Christianity.
    This battle to get a greater understanding of their respective belief system reminds me of the ongoing conflict with subset religions in America. None of some 1500 factions in the Christian church (not even including the Catholic Church) can agree on Biblical matters. If you want me to help explain how these divisions are destroying Christianity, and fueling the conflict in the Middle East, I'd be happy to share this with your audience.

    "The church is falling apart in pieces, and that feeds the Middle East Conflagration."

    Joe Ortiz, author
    The End Times Passover
    Why Christians Will suffer Great Tribulation

  2. Thanks, Joe!

    I think we all should stop fighting over scriptural interpretation and join together to do good works.

  3. Anonymous

    Salaam alaykum, akhi

    Who can you get to explain the dialectic relation of "oppressed/oppressor" that drives the conflict between the Shia and the Sunni? Will you cover the the philosophic contretemps between Khameni and al-Sistani. Al Sistani openly deplores velayat-al faqi Can pan-Imami fellowship bridge the ethnic divide between Arab and Persian? How has Imami Shi'ism's preservation and cultivation of the Mutazili dialectic fostered creative thought in Imami culture? Has blind adherence to paradigm stunted the development of human thought in Sunni culture (Salafiyya).
    Are these differences just a case of Shia saying tomaato, and, Sunni saying tomato, or, is it more like one side says tomato, and, the other says potato?

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