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“First White Man in the Black Muslims” speaks out!

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John Marino’s Catholic upbringing left him spiritually empty. Caught up in the hard-partying lifestyle of the mid-1970s, his life was going downhill fast…until he encountered the teachings of Islam as explained by black Muslim co-worker and gifted religious thinker Alfred Fields. At the time, Imam Wallace D. Muhammad had just eliminated the Nation of Islam’s anti-white teachings and brought the Nation into line with mainstream Islam. The upshot, as John explains in his new book’s title, was: “I Was the First White Man in the Black Muslims.”

The barrage of negative publicity against Islam in general and African American Muslims in particular has left many people wondering why so many people are “reverting” to Islam…and why white folks like John, who grew up with prejudices against black people, can be drawn to the world of African-American Islam. What is the source of Islam’s appeal to ordinary Americans like John Marino? Is the lost-found African-American Islamic tradition at the heart of an emerging American approach to the world’s fastest-growing and most unjustly maligned religion? Listen to John and see what you think.

3 Thoughts to ““First White Man in the Black Muslims” speaks out!”

  1. Among one of the ways to control the human cattles in usa, is the depiction of Islam in today's maistream american culture as THE "intruder", that "thing" that was never there and just recently decided to impose its ugly self on the good law-abiding, church-going, tax-paying, god-fearing "americans" (ie : immigrants to the american continent of european origin).

    In that context, maybe sheikh Kevin would find it interesting to invite 'Abdelhamid Lotfi' to talk about the subject of his 2002 PhD dissertation which was titled : 'Muslims on the Block, Five Centruries of Islam in America'.

    'Abdelhamid Lotfi' is from Morocco and is currently the library director of Al Akhawayn University. English will not be a problem.

    If everything works out fine, maybe sending him some boat-rocking books to be added to the library catalog will be great. People living in that part of the world need to be shaken off their compliant attitudes and mindsets. The media propaganda – made in France and locally – is stifling even the best minds.

    To change the world, first change the minds and hearts of people, one person at a time.


    Abdelhamid Lotfi

    Library Director, Mohammed VI Library
    Status: Full-time
    Office hours : 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    Office phone : (+212)-535-862-171
    Email :
    Website :

  2. Sounds like a plan! I'll try to arrange an interview with him.

  3. If he accepts, be VERY gentle with him though : One does not get a position of leadership in Morocco by being overtly anti-establishment and a fire-breather of Truth and Justice.

    Hey, he might even help get you a teaching position at the university. Your wife being from Morocco would make that less difficult. You will like 'Ifrane', it is in the Atlas mountains (

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