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FFWN: We’re not locked up in Wal-Mart: Jim owes me lunch!

The final story on today’s False Flag Weekly News is an unusually important one.

Co-host Jim Fetzer, who believed Jade Helm was a plot to impose Wal-martial law on the USA, promised last spring to buy me and my family lunch if we were not all locked up in Wal-Mart by mid-September. It’s mid-September, Jim…and I’m getting hungry!


1) Covert Harassment Conference interviews: Jim interviews Peter Mooring:

2) Kevin interviews Peter Mooring:

World War III breaking out in Syria?

4) Russia is establishing its first air base in the Middle East in Jableh, Syria, and sending MIG-31 pilots..

5) Russia sends ships, aircraft and forces to Syria: U.S. officials

7) Giant Russian transports in Syria raise concerns

15) U.S. Rejected Offers by Afghanistan Iraq Libya and Syria to Surrender . and Proceeded to Wage War

16) DHS Chief warns of “homegrown” terrorist threat

9/11 Anniversary

17) International TV channel broadcasts 9/11 truth on anniversary

20) “Conspiracy theory” loses its punch

21) “Truth vs. NEW$” on 9/11

23) 9/11: Who was responsible and why with Dennis Cimino

Donkey droppings vs. elephant excrement

26) Chris Hedges: Where’s the American Jeremy Corbyn?

27) 2nd GOP debate: Trump by a mile

33) Rand Paul defends his opposition to Iran deal (personal letter to Jim Fetzer)

Zionists vs. Iran nuclear deal

Currency wars

39) China to dump petro-dollar for yuan

Odds & Ends

41) AIDS conspiracy is REAL 2015

9 Thoughts to “FFWN: We’re not locked up in Wal-Mart: Jim owes me lunch!”

  1. Anonymous

    Theories, conjecture, and endless verbiage is so much garbage.

    The Official 9/11 is disproven by the FACT that passenger Boeings cannot

    exceed 250 knots below 10,000'. END OF STORY.

    Stop wasting our time with conjecture.



  2. proof of this assertion? ("10,000' / 250 knots)

  3. Anonymous

    Egypt Air 990.

    This 767 broke apart due to overspeed, which is why Boeing sets these speed limits.

    The speeds stated for the 9/11 Boeings is unattainable or damaging to the airframe.

    The Official Myth is disproved without any musings, or theories. It is that simple.

    I do appreciate you excellent work and books. You are my favorite Truth Historian!

    Thanks for replying.

    Blessings to you, and Peace to our World.


  4. Anonymous

    I just finished listening to FFWN.
    Three points:
    1) it's annoying when you interrupt Jim the way you interrupt me before i can even finish making my point (and often your arguments are repetitive, at least with me)

    2) yes, people engage in civil disobedience to try to change the system. But the county clerk who went to jail did so primarily to relieve her conscience, by refusing to do something against her faith.
    Jim and you will never resolve the debate unless you guys can see that it needs to be re-framed.
    If other people in her office have or are given the authority to enact gay marriage, (I believe a judge could allow that?), then she could fulfill other duties of her office without leaving or betraying her faith. Why is the state even involved in marriage, a religious institution, when the topic there should be civil unions? To follow up on the story one needs to know whether other's in her office are doing legally-recognized gay marriages. That has not been made clear in the media….

    3) That 14-year old muslim with the makeshift clock,
    Jim Stone just had a different take on it, thinks it's a psy-op. He posted a picture of it and pointed out the kid just took the parts out of a commercial clock and repackaged it. I'm not sure what to make of that.


  5. 1) If you piece together a makeshift chess clock, and measure how much time each of us speaks, I predict you’ll find that jim’s taking up 2/3rds, maybe 3/4ths, of the time. If he ever falls below 3/5ths and the show is proceeding on schedule I’ll stop interrupting him. Until then, I need to occasionally interrupt if I want to get a word in edgewise and keep the show to one hour.

    2) I agree. But the larger point is that the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally pushed for MORE federal power over marriages. States and localities and yes, individuals should be free to define marriage however they want. Indiana doesn’t want gay marriage, and shouldn’t have it.

    3) I'm not sure what to make of Jim Stone.

  6. Anonymous

    So, in conclusion to the above…IF the airvehicle was flying slower, then many of the aerodynamic issues "dutifully" put forth by P4T would be diminished greatly-if not eliminated entirely. Diminished both in aerodynamic impact and as a major result, diminished in overall scale within the 9/11 Truth Communies' analyses. ReThink "slower speeds". Kevin, Jim simply does not realize how much he, all by himself, has made us dismiss so much of his own work because of his shifting to and from positions on several elements of 9/11 Truth. Example: Judy Woods…GEESH…what a flip-flop! And there are more examples. So how are we are supposed to consider Jim's work reliable? It just doesn't work that way, and that's why your somewhat blind/friend connections with him keep many reliable credentialed people away from communicating with you…but its getting better and better! Anyway, regarding AA77? and the Penatgon, Jim might be able to begin to dig out of his self-dug hole by using the phrase: "my working hypothesis"…or "my strongest working hypothesis"…both in this issue and in other presentations. Finally Kevin…politics. I spent 30 years and seven presidential primary cycles in southern NH and have a fair feel for what's going on in national and regional politics. IMO Bernie Sanders has been allowed to run for an interesting reason…Israel is on the hot seat! First, you are fully correct that Bernie is a hard core Zionist…a Zionist wolf wrapped in sheeps clothes…a gift from within the belly of a Trojan Horse….a clever gatekeeper for Israel. He's one smooth talking fraud covering up his]principal interest-Israel. FYI, I go way back to his days running for mayor of Burlington VT when I was in show biz and was involved in fund raisers for him etc. So I've seen the wolf for decades now. But, as my politics are noted above, us progressives may be able to use his positions in order step ahead into our progressive agendas because Bernie has pushed the boundaries of progressivism wider open. I'm more on the socialist side of things…so we disagree…not important! Background: Its very clear now that Obama was slated for the presidency decades ago as he worked his way through the Chicago political machine, through Columbia University, and into Harvard Law School in which the "quid-pro-quo" for Obama was: "We will get you elected as the Ivies almost always do get one of us elected, but you HAVE to avoid establishing a single payer healthcare program…OR…a "Medicare for everybody" program. Having a Harvard or Ivy League MD is worth millions and millions…some of which makes its way back to their endowments-you know how it goes! Obama, as all presidents since JFK, are but puppets to Isreal and are slaves to both: the Penatgon regarding major foreign affairs issues, and militarizing/controlling the planet. Bill Hicks is correct: "Come into our special little theater prospective president…back and to the left…back and to the left. Any questions?"

  7. Anonymous

    Anyway, as can be seen in a docu-film named "Inside Job" with Sean Penn, the banksters had long orchastrated an economic crash and they needed it to happen on a democratic presidential "watch" to keep alive the mystical "Democracy Kabuki Theater" whose goals are making citizens think that we are in a democracy…that their voices matter…and that there are two parties-NYET to each. But "those up on the balcony"…aka…the small cabal of the rich and powerful ruling class [whomever they are in person], had a really, really big electoral problem in 2008. They knew full well that it would be impossible to elect another democrat who was "pasty white guy" like Kerry, Gore, Dukakis etc. This is because the left would simply not turn out to vote for another "pasty white guy"…the left was turned off to these frauds and the PTB knew it! To the well planned rescue…Obama's "blackness" solved that issue. In 2008 the left was ONLY going to elect a "pasty black guy"…OR…a "pasty woman"…aka Hillary. But Hillary fully knew what the banksters were up to because Bill had set them up that way in the first place So, that's where she and Bill still hide…and she didn't want to go there…so she essentially stood down-for those years anyway. Hey, the Clinton's have their future to think about…and they couldn't throw away all the work Bill had done in Mena to get them UP on the balcony! So Hillary tanked…just like Gore tanked in FL 2000 [I have inside info on this]…and just like Kerry tanked in OH in 2004 [the 17,000 lawyers sent to OH by Kerry went there to make sure that the ballots were NOT all counted…a placebo for the naive' left….Kentucky was a cover.] OK, so why are things a tad better because Bernie Sanders is being allowed to run by AIAPC in 2015? Well, its because Israel's last "mowing of Gaza's lawn" has done immense harm to Israel and to Bibi [a horrible Pennsylvanian…but a perfect neocon/Zionist], and IF Americans [including the many Jews in influential places in almost ALL progressive groups and organizations all across the country] were to be allowed to see the Israeli-Palestinian-Gazan Truth, they might begin to openly distance themselves from, or question our "not-so-blind" support for Israel. Importantly, and something that I get all the time in the streets, US citizens would soon begin to be able to connect the "9/11-into-war-on behalf of Israel dots"…and that's a "no-no"! Repeating: I have informed you before that american Jews ALL know that 9/11 Truth leads to Israel's role in the attacks…which were on behalf of Israel-and no others. [Indeed I've been punked three times at the Kingston Ferry this year by Seattle Jews-they tell me they are Jewish and respond interestingly when I greet them with "Shalom…"!]

  8. Anonymous

    Continuing… So, in order to "SHUT PEOPLE'S MOUTHS" about Israel's latest horror show and the following implications regarding 9/11 truth and Israel's involvements, and further, into how AIPAC is running the USofA politcally, AIPAC has allowed-used Bernie to run for president! Facts…NOBODY on the left is going to open their yap traps and expose Bernie Sanders as the exact person that you and I know that he is…a Zionist! This tactic is the exact same as the above noted "pasty white guy" redux! Its the way to control the "left-liberals-democrats"…aka…"he might have a chance"…but he's a Jewish guy…now we can't talk about anything regarding his allegiance to Israel. They have essentially "ducktaped" the mouths of the left and inhibited any considerations about the truth about Israel's role everywhere by running their most prominent political asset in the USofA…Bernie Sanders. These guys think well ahead of anybody and they have had Bernie in the "bullpen" for years…now its the time to get him out there to distract. So, Israel is feeling the heat! FACT: The "people on the balcony" have plenty of time, plenty of money, plenty of contacts in the corporate media, and plenty of power around the world to "shift-shape" US politics in any way that they want [Rand Paul is not immune to AIPAC-sorry!]…and its been that way since before 1963…its just getting more omnipotent now. This may help you understand why "Occupy" had to be both dissembled, turned against itself and then made fun of and deridded. Occupy had its "fingers of injustices" pointed UPWARDS to those criminal types standing on the balcony…most of whom are indebted to, enslaved to, or afraid of both the Rothschild's banksters, and the immense police force used to defend them from us people…aka…the Pentagon, NSA and Intel ops…and this well put together and growing "police state". And they keep testing our responses…like the Walmart thing… Anywa Kevin, eep up the great work! And once you get more balance with Fetzer, Duff and others who are too out of balance [unlike me who is in excellent balance-although you don't like to admit it-and I don't always act it]…your credibility will soar…your giftedness will thrive…and you will be able to bring out and make happen many, many more positive things towards peace and justice on earth. Unfortunately, people like Sacks and Soudy [and still many others-AJ/Rudkowski/Oathkeepers etc.] need to be called out and separated from the viable 9/11 truth herd. Maybe Sacks and Soudy will wake up and become productive somewhere doing something somewhere…but regarding 9/11 truth, they are each counterproductive…possibly deliberately so! peace, love and progress…

  9. Anonymous

    Add Ted & JFK Jr. Haven't done any work on Chappaquiddick, given Kennedy family record, think he might have been intended victim. Something like date rape drug, had to keep him away from police until it wore off. Came in handy years later when they had something to hold over his head to get him to vote for NCLB.

    Did a little work when JFK, Jr. plane went down. Knew someone who sailed near MV. She said it was insane for someone to try to fly in after dark, can't tell up from down over water. Read at the time that Jr was extremely careful pilot, didn't fly without instructor, i.e. circumstances were uncharacteristic of his prior practices.

    Roth says "Seat bottom is flotation device." Quick search on what surfaced from Jr's plane, only a few pieces washed up on some shores. No bloated bodies.

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