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Libertarian Lindgren vs. progressive Reuschlein: Debating the presidential race

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Rolf Lindgren

With Rand Paul pushing to release the 28 pages and bust Jeb Bush for 9/11, it’s a good time to break down the 2016 presidential horse race.

First half hour: Libertarian activist Rolf Lindgren predicts Martin O’Malley will win the Democratic nomination…and optimistically argues that Rand Paul has as good a shot as anyone at the Republican nomination. Rolf thinks Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are going down in flames. (Figuratively, I mean – the NWO obviously has no reason to crash THEIR planes.)

Second half hour: Progressive activist and peace economist Bob Reuschlein begs to differ. He thinks Hillary has the best shot to be the next president…but would like to see Rand Paul win – and then dismantle the US empire, close all of our 800+ military bases around the world, slash military spending to the bone, and revive the moribund economy.

“Dr. Peace” a.k.a. Bob Reuschlein

2 Thoughts to “Libertarian Lindgren vs. progressive Reuschlein: Debating the presidential race”

  1. Kevin,

    How would you feel if our next POTUS was a Jew? Looks like they are setting us up for the eventuality.

    B’Man’s 2016 POTUS Watch: Bernie Sanders Wins By Not Giving Oral Sex To A Donkey

  2. Anonymous

    Why has the TPP, etc., not been hacked?!

    I mean they have hacked about everything else, there must be so many copies in countries with far less security all over the pacific and people with info an this thing.

    I am not advocating the breaking of any laws. I am supporting the constitution – democracy cannot function in secrecy!

    If anything I have said might be interpreted as illegal, please ignore.


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