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Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObservers: Space storm coming, pole shift imminent

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Has earth’s solar system wandered into a stormy patch of space weather? Is earth’s electromagnetic field weakening, preparing the way for a sudden pole shift? And are we in for a disastrous wave of earthquakes, tidal waves, and catastrophic weather events? If so, how soon? Or is it already starting? Could this explain the preparations for collapse-driven martial law?

Let’s ask Ben Davidson of Ben used research skills he developed as a lawyer to uncover a scientific cover-up of the whole issue of “space weather” and its impact on earth. He now operates a mobile observatory and has assembled a force of more than 200,000 “suspicious observers.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This will interest you. Not sure if you have seen it; but has english subtitles.
    El "PLANETA-COMETA" (Planeta X) según Carlos Muñoz Ferrada
    He called it Hercolobus

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