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Texas cartoon shooting: Another Charlie Hebdo-style false flag?

Pam Geller without her make-up
Was Sunday’s shooting at an anti-Islam event in Texas a false flag attack?
We know that Pam Geller, organizer of the Texas event, works for the corrupt criminal wing of the intelligence services responsible for 9/11, Bali, Madrid, Mumbai, 7/7/, Paris, Copenhagen, and more. That in itself is a big red flag.
The Texas shooting, like the Copenhagen cartoon shooting of February 14th, appears to be a follow-up incident designed to reinforce the memory of the Paris shootings in the popular mind.

Read We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 which includes Ole Dammegard’s analysis of the Copenhagen follow-up to the Paris shootings

In Copenhagen, as in Paris, alleged Islamic extremist gunmen attacked anti-Islam cartoons. In Texas, the exact same script was followed.
In both Paris and Copenhagen, the initial attack on cartoons was followed by an attack on Jews. In Paris, it happened in a kosher deli. In Copenhagen, it happened at an improbable 1 a.m. bar mitzvah at the local synagogue.
Will the Texas “attack on cartoons” be followed by an “attack on Jews”? I certainly hope not. But if the false flaggers do decide to script a follow-up attack on Jews in Texas, I strongly urge them NOT to target Kinky Friedman and his Texas Jewboys. That would be WAY too obvious. Besides, I kind of like Kinky, even if he is a pork-chop-chewing Zionist infidel.
Another red flag in the Texas shooting, just like in Paris and Copenhagen, is the way the alleged terrorists were quickly gunned down and silenced forever. Dead patsies tell no tales, whereas actual terrorists need to be interrogated, not silenced. Any time an alleged terrorist is summarily executed rather than captured and interrogated, it’s likely that the “terrorist” is a patsy of one kind or another.
Another red flag: The alleged terrorists in Texas, like those in Paris, Copenhagen, and elsewhere, were well-known to authorities. The now dead and permanently silent Texas suspect Elton Simpson was convicted on terrorism charges five years ago but let off on probation. Normally in such cases, “on probation” means “serving as a federal informant.” Typically such low-level federal informants are used as patsies – as in the notorious case of fake defector and FBI informant Lee Harvey Oswald, or MLK assassination patsy James Earl Ray, who reported to an operative named “Raoul.”
More recently, the Kouachi brothers, who were blamed for the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, appear to have been (French) intelligence informants. They had been busted for child pornography – and then the case was somehow made to “go away.” Likewise the alleged Paris kosher deli shooter Coulibalay, who was executed by police live on camera while in handcuffs, had a history with neocon strongman Sarkozy that fairly screamed out “low level intelligence operative.”
So Elton Simpson may have been framed. Or he may have been programmed by his handlers to do the shooting.
We are told that the two alleged terrorists managed to get themselves killed and silenced, while inflicting no damage on their targets other than a security officer’s injured ankle. Were these “terrorists” as incompetent as shoe bomber Richard Reid, who couldn’t get a match lit to light his shoe on fire and burn his foot, or crotch bomber Abdulmutallab, who like Reid forgot to bring a detonator on the plane and thus posed no threat to anyone except himself?  Or were they programmed, hypnotized patsies whose job was to unleash a random volley of shots and then get shot dead?
One would think that actual radical Muslim terrorists, were they to target an event featuring notorious genocide propagandist Pam Geller, would find a way to – shall we say – inflict at least a little bit of real damage.
But if this were yet another false flag PR stunt, some random gunfire ending with the “terrorists” shot dead would fit the bill.
We should keep in mind that false flags typically come in waves, with a “big event” that serves as the PR launch for the talking points du jour, followed by smaller operations that keep those talking points alive.
With 9/11, the major talking points were “kill ‘radical’ Muslims” and “weapons of mass destruction.” (The mass destruction images at the WTC were designed to inculcate fear of WMD, even though we were told that jet fuel, not mini-nukes, did the damage.)
The immediate follow-up to 9/11 was the anthrax attack, which kept the “WMD” and “kill Muslims” themes alive in the public mind, and drove home the message that “Muslim” WMD could show up in anybody’s mailbox. The anthrax component of the 9/11-anthrax PR op also aimed at cementing a bond between the US and Israel; the toxic letters included the scrawled threat, “Death to America, death to Israel, Allah is great.”
Further follow-ups to 9/11 included Bali, Madrid, 7/7, Mumbai, and the rest. All of them have reinforced the original talking points launched by 9/11-anthrax and kept the War on Islam going.
The Charlie Hebdo shooting elevated one of the dumbest of the secondary 9/11-anthrax talking points, “they hate our freedoms,” to the first rank. Anti-Islam cartoons were held up as a symbol of the free speech, and hence the freedom, that Muslims allegedly hate. And like the anthrax letters, the Charlie Hebdo follow up at the kosher deli aimed at forging a bond of blood between (French) patriots and Zionist Jews. “Muslims hate our freedoms and the Jews” was the overall message.
The Copenhagen shooting one month after Charlie Hebdo, like yesterday’s shooting in Texas, seemed aimed at keeping Charlie’s “Muslims hate cartoons/free speech” message alive in the public consciousness long enough for it to gel and become a permanent predisposition.
So if you’re interested in catching the real terrorists behind the shooting in Texas, the first person you need to rendition and waterboard is a certain genocide propagandist named Pamela Geller.

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  1. Anonymous

    If you see something terribly interesting download and print it NOW because public links can be scrubbed.

    Photographed with Clair Lopez here is Gen Vallely. She is former CIA and a member of Team B II as well. You remember that Boykin is a member of Team B II.

    team b one history is that they defined the soviet ideology that cause them to invade Afghanistan. for the book on that. Is team b 2 the designers of radical Islam theory? Not sure if it is as common as they claim.

    Geller's Texas (false flag?) event with The UW

    Regional Coordinator see "groups" on the bottom they are "Homeland Security and TAM-C"

    TAM-C was crated by ITRR

    ITRR had a contract with the State of PA and it was cancelled for spying on regular Americans. (similar to what the ADL was busted at doing)

    Bombshell Video that really exposes the ITTR (who created TAM-C who works with DHS Intel and members of Team B II) for who they really are:

    Changing of the Guards: The Tomorrow of Jewish Leadership – Ms. Eliana (Ellie) Rudee:
    AT 3:01: An intern at ITRR, she says "I am interning at the ITRR, Institute for Terrorism Research and Response, Most of us on long term Mossad projects…" in the same sentence.

    Are DHS agents provocateur planning on provoking American's into a civil war?

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