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Scientist & 9/11 research pioneer Dr. A.K. Dewdney on NWO & NDE

Broadcast May 8th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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A.K. “Kee” Dewdney, founder of Scientific Professionals Investigating 9/11 (SPINE) is one of the world’s notable biological scientists, computer scientists & mathematicians. He’s also the guy who proved – in his Project Achilles experiments – that the alleged cell phone calls from allegedly hijacked airliners on 9/11 cannot possibly have been made from those airliners as alleged. (So what really happened? In all probability, those who placed the phone calls were forced to read from scripts ON THE GROUND as part of a “terror exercise” and then terminated with extreme prejudice. Your tax dollars at work.)

In this interview we discuss the prophetic song “Bad Moon Rising” and the false-flagging NWO it portended; the history of the Khazarian mafia; and religion & spirituality in light of Dr. Dewdney’s recent NDE (Near Death Experience) during heart surgery two months ago.

One Thought to “Scientist & 9/11 research pioneer Dr. A.K. Dewdney on NWO & NDE”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello K & K (that used to mean Khruschev and Kennedy back in slightly saner days) ~

    Just listened to your invu. Overlooking that you, Kevin, were shamelessly preying on a convalescent, I for one found it inspiring and educative. I especially liked the spiritual/scientific crossover parts, and then there's the life-nourishing sense of community that I and others feel in common cause with both of you as skeptics, “believers” and Truthers.

    Meant to be helpful is this observation: Kee’s voice (which I know firsthand has a slightly muffled quality, as contrasted with sharper, as yours is), was a bit hard for me to understand at times. I wonder if you have the technical capability of adding more treble in such cases.

    Anyway, wonderful contributions by you both. I’m impressed all over again at how wide-ranging your stores of knowledge are. Is there anything you don’t know?


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