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Rahul Manchanda on corrupt courts, David Alan Glynn on “Vigilant Guardians”

Friday 5/1 – Listen live – 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  – click on the “Studio B” button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

First hour: Rahul Manchanda, persecuted whistleblower & former CNN/Fox pundit/propagandist, discusses Freemason/Zionist control of the courts and police.

Second hour: David Alan Glynn discusses his excellent 9/11 truth novel Vigilant Guardians. This is a far better-written novel than any other 9/11 fiction I’ve seen except maybe Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge. Rivaling Pynchon is quite a feat for a first-time novelist. Check this guy out.

One Thought to “Rahul Manchanda on corrupt courts, David Alan Glynn on “Vigilant Guardians””

  1. Rahul's story is reminiscent of the movie : "Brotherhood of The Bell." (1970). 'The 'brotherhood of the hell' turns on their former protégé.

    It is available on youtube :

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