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Debating Jade Helm with Jim Fetzer on FFWN

Jade Helm & anti-police riots: A perfect storm?

False flag warnings

3) Warning of “immanent ISIS attack” – be very afraid!

4) Oilfield explosives go missing from Halliburton

Jade Helm firestorm
7) Ex-CIA Clandestine Services Officer: Jade Helm NOT a plan for martial law, BUT….
8) JADE HELM, FEMA CAMPS and Posse Comitatus
Anti-Police Riots: Training Ground for “Extracting Dissidents” ?
16) Jim says Gordon Duff is “Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing.” Kevin says “BS”

18) JADE HELM’s “Silver Lining”

Retail & restaurant chains close, open
19) McDonald’s closing 900 stores worldwide (China/Japan/US)
20) 133 Target Stores close in Canada

21) Walmart to build 115 new stores in China

War on Russia?
War on Middle East
31) Orlov on the Limits of Propaganda

Homeland Tyranny 

34) Majority of Americans prefer guns to gun control

Odds & Ends

39) Shoplifter in “Won’t Be Caught” shirt hasn’t been caught

2 Thoughts to “Debating Jade Helm with Jim Fetzer on FFWN”

  1. Anonymous

    Howdy, Kevin ~

    Again, watching you and Jim on yesterday's report, my heart rate, and blood pressure just about went off the radar….

    Yet… you sat there calmly and didn't appear affected whatsoever.

    I send you kudos, and wish you would share your secret of being able to take such verbal abuse so "politely."

    I think Prof. Jim might be pharmaceutically damaged… no one should bloat as dramatically as he seems to have done in the past couple of years. I hold the same opinion of Wayne Madsen.

  2. Anonymous

    I followed False Flag Weekly News this past week and I'm sorry that the differences over Jade Helm have come to this kind of argument.

    I really can see both points of view, and it's kind of a hazard of working in this intelligence area, where trickery is a constant. It's hard to determine what is real and what is a ruse, because the genuine false flag events are so ridiculous that people don't believe them even after they have been shown to be true.

    Jim Fetzer is genuinely following the data points, as a good scientist should,but at the same time nobody knows the outcome when the data is uncertain.

    Kevin Barrett is trying to be the voice of reason, and I think that there's merit to the argument, but where is the data? For example, Kevin you dismissed the idea of dissidents in a Wal-Mart, but given the shocking trickery of 9/11 and Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook, why CANT they imprison dissidents in a WalMart?

    So there is a lot of guesswork involved here, and there ought to be enough humility to understand that no one has all the right answers.

    There has been real damage to VT, which is a shame because the whole thing is better off with all of you on board.

    Dynamic Duo, don't break up! The news reading world needs both of you!

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