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Sean Gabb on liberty, Islam, and the West

Broadcast March 23rd, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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Dr. Sean Gabb, Director of The Libertarian Alliance, participated in a “dialog with Islam” event in London on February 27th. His message to U.K. Muslims was:  “If you want a future for Islam in this country,  you must argue for your entirely proper wish to be separate,  and to be left alone in your daily lives,  on a firmer basis than your own convenience. You must learn to demand freedom of speech,  and freedom of association,  as parts of the right to be left alone.”

As a fan of Muslims for Liberty and Islamic Freedom Forum I am very receptive to Sean’s message.

2 Thoughts to “Sean Gabb on liberty, Islam, and the West”

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice. Great discussion there. Ought to be continued, extended and reproduced copiously. ============================
    Top-down social engineering (or shock RE-engineering) of culture and mores by the scientific dictatorship according to schedule and budget versus Traditionalist inertia of existing family, tribal, community or nationally-based structures ==========================================================================
    I see no future for "rootless cosmopolitans" like me, who are only content to affiliate or socialize with others based on shared principles and values (abstractions) like "individualism" and fundamental rights to free expression. I despise "identity" politics. Always have and alway will. It'll never be anything more to me than simple bloody GANG loyalty. Making an opportune "virtue" of raw necessity (survival). And NOT values. Of course that may just be one of the vain conceits afforded me by the luxury of living in a post-scarcity environment. Let's see how long my principles can last and survive the onset of a predatory world headed for a course somewhere between "The Matrix" and "Mad Max" … ?

  2. Anonymous

    hey kevin i listened to your recent podcast where you had some criticism on european immigration and i disagree,
    if you just look at the numbers, since the fall of the communist union and 20 years of immigration into western europe the population growth has been close to zero if you compare that to russia with little or no immigration they have lost more than 20 million ppl and studies have shown that russia will have a population under 100 million by 2050,
    the big secret that many european politicians dont wanto admit that without immigration europe cant sustain its aging population and without human capital of working ppl you cant have economic growth or even compete with countries like china, and this just proves the failure of liberal feminist ideology which the west always likes to lecture other nations on, and white nationalist ppl in europe havent really understood this because of their xenophobic view of the world. lack of job right now is irrelevant, whats important is 10,20,30 years into the future when the ppl working today cant work anymore or are dead.
    the reason the US have a population growth despite all the abortions and feminists is exactly because of immigration.

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