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Alan Hart: Is Netanyahu psychotic?

Broadcast March 2nd, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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Alan Hart’s Zionism trilogy is the best introduction to the Palestine-Israel issue

Does Netanyahu believe his own propaganda? “If that is the case it would have to be said that he is not only beyond reason but deluded to the point of clinical insanity,” asserts Alan Hart, former  BBC Mideast correspondent and back-channel Middle East peace negotiator.

In this interview we discuss Alan’s new article Who and what is the real Bibi Netanyahu? Alan argues that Zionism always intended to ethnically cleanse Palestine, but that the “liberal, reasonable Zionists” have lied about it, while a few genocidal maniacs like Jabotinsky at least told the truth. Thus the whole Zionist project is, in essence one big lie: a genocide program that dare not speak its name. The problem is that when you keep repeating lies, you may come to believe them – risking clinical insanity, as exemplified by the current Israeli Prime Minister, who is taking over the US Congress today.

Will backlash over Bibi Nutty-yahoo’s chutzpah – and such Israeli false flags as 9/11 – stop the Zionists before they finish their genocide? Could Palestinians and Israelis live together in prosperity and equality in a post-Zionist Palestine? And what would it take to make that happen? Tune in and hear what Alan Hart thinks.

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