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Israel, the psychopathic nation

Check out my new translation of Dr. Laurent Guyénot’s article:

Israel: The Psychopathic Nation

Other recent articles include:

Zionists linked to “Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ escape”

Airline whistleblower solves 9/11

Press TV interview: Kevin Barrett says Israel lobby obstacle to progress in Iran nuclear talks

Another Press TV interview, US military hijacked by Israel since 9/11…Kevin Barrett Press TV 01.15.2014

And if you speak Farsi…

Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN) interviews Kevin Barrett

One Thought to “Israel, the psychopathic nation”

  1. "Here are three new articles & three TV interviews blasting Israel. No wonder the Zionists don't like me."

    Well Brother in Humanity and Faith
    As salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta'ala wa barakatuhu!
    I spend my life thanking God for keeping me alive (even with no friends and family except my own son and grand children) after all I have written about the Satanic Zionists and their Western Freemasonic Masters.

    They do not like you? No, they hate you and all people like you and would like to see you in a gas oven one day. No, not a gas oven because your descendants might claim compensations for that holocaust!
    All I can say is that you have done a great job that only great Jihaadists can perform, dedicated, brave and unbeatable. I hate compliments because I know that you are already aware of your own worth and the sacrifice you made and are making to inform the dumb people out there.
    It is unfortunate that not enough Muslims are waking up and trying to stop them. Even among those who are well informed they are so terrorised or concerned about their own comfort and businesses or of their heavenly "paradise and hell" that they chose to ally with Satan instead.
    What can I say more?
    May God help you but I know that no God will help us as long as we do not help ourselves.
    Barak Allah Fik
    Yours brotherly

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