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Who’s afraid of an Islamic caliphate?

Harun Yahya’s version of the coming caliphate

I recently debated Osman Bakkash of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir Party, which is working peacefully to restore an Islamic caliphate. It was a relatively friendly discussion for the most part.

Watch the debate at Press TV

But I’m not in favor of creating just any-old-caliphate by any-old-means. Take ISIS – please!

Anjum Chaudry and his ISIS friends are idiots. But there’s nothing wrong, in principle, with the idea of restoring a pan-Islamic caliphate. About two-thirds of the world’s Muslims support this concept. So if you support democracy in Muslim-majority nations, you are supporting a pan-Islamic political entity replacing today’s nation states.

Scary? It shouldn’t be – unless you are an international bankster.

A new caliphate or pan-Islamic entity in the Middle East would control the world’s most valuable and accessible energy supplies – and energy is the basis of today’s global currencies. Since Islam bans usury, the Caliphate would quickly put an end to the current usury-driven fiat currency system.

That’s why the international banksters staged the 9/11 false flag event: To create a phony “war on terror” that is actually a war on Islam. They are terrified by the Islamic Awakening set off by Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979, and the prospects of Islamic renewal leading to Islamic political power – which will torpedo the bankster project to unify the world under their New World Order dictatorship.

Most of the boneheaded “Islamic extremism” that the Zio-media bombards us with is the work of  agents provocateur. The banksters have created and nourished this synthetic “Islamic extremism” as part of their psychological warfare against the Islamic Awakening. 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, ISIS – it’s all false-flag.

The banksters are fearful for good reason: A unified Islamic world is an entirely realistic prospect. Even the US National Intelligence Council “Project 2020” report issued in 2005 predicted the emergence of a  caliphate in the near future.

The idea of pan-Islamic political unity is a no-brainer. The Muslim-majority world has a common language of education and culture: high Arabic. It has a common cultural core: the culture of Islam, what Marshall Hodgson called “Islamicate” culture.  It has a common currency system: the gold dinar and silver dirham. It has a common legal system: the five major schools of fiqh and shariah. There is no reason why Muslim-majority countries should not dissolve their national borders and unite under Islam.

The coming caliphate will have to be a somewhat loose, pluralistic federation, not a one-size-fits-all dictatorship. It will have to respect the rights of minorities, both Muslim and non-Muslim. It will have to bring different nations, ethnicities, and schools of thought together and safeguard their autonomy. It will have to forge coalitions and win support from many different directions. In short, it will be exactly the opposite of the phony false-flag “caliphate” of ISIS.

A loosely federated pluralistic caliphate that respects minorities and safeguards everyone’s autonomy?! Is this some kind of modernist post-Enlightenment thing?

No – that’s Islamic tradition. The Ottoman caliphate, for example, was far looser and more pluralistic than the European nation states that destroyed it. It offered local folks of various religions and schools of thought more autonomy than any of the European states did. That’s why for centuries, people seeking religious freedom fled Europe to resettle in the Ottoman lands.

 A new caliphate would presumably be more democratic and respectful of human rights than the Ottoman caliphate was, just as today’s European nations are more “progressive” than those same nations were two or three centuries ago. And Islamic law – which is by its very nature hyper-pluralistic, with five major law schools and a wide variety of modes of influencing behavior – would likewise adapt to today’s conditions, just as have centuries-old European legal traditions.

In short, there is no reason to fear the rise of a new Islamic Caliphate…

…Unless you are an international bankster dedicated to raping and enslaving the world.

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  1. Agreed. Need of the hour is leadership and إذن الله

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