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FFWN: False flag 9/11 torture, Ebola, ISIS, and more!

The hardest-hitting news show on the planet!

Today’s stories in order:

False Flag Torture

1) CIA tortured innocents to hide 9/11 false flag

4) Renowned surgeon calls out doctors who “made torture possible”

False Flag 9/11

5) “Ash Carter Predicted 9/11″: ESP or foreknowledge?

7) A&E911 board member calls for new investigation

8) US legitimacy waning in light of 9/11 hoax

More False Flag Stories

19) Israeli strikes on Gaza high-rises “war crimes”

War on Russia

23) TIMES’s Person of the Year: Vladimir Putin loses out to Ebola fighters

26) War by Media and Triumph of Propaganda

Odds & Ends

27)BREAKING THE SPELL: #1 in its category on

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