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Chill out, America! with Mike Whitney and Ruffina Anklesaria

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The Petrodollar Empire is experiencing Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

American leaders, and the banksters who pull their puppet strings, are experiencing mounting anxiety.  Their dream – a world-straddling monopolar system morphing into the first-ever one-world empire – is slipping away. Like the Israelis, who know they don’t belong there and won’t last, the US-bankster-empire kingpins are experiencing pre-traumatic stress disorder. So they’re “acting out” in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, back in the Homeland, insecurity is running amok. Adrenaline-crazed cops are shooting down dogs, people, anything that moves (especially if it’s black); while pissed-off people are marching in the streets and occasionally smashing things up.

As the winter of our discontent arrives early this year, it’s time to….chill out, America!

First half-hour: Mike Whitney, author of the terrific new article Defending Dollar Imperialism, explains what’s REALLY going on in Ukraine and Syria…and how the empire’s anxiety-addled, power-crazed leaders are risking nuclear war to save their doomed petrodollar system.

Second half-hour: Transcendental Stress Management instructor Ruffina Anklesaria, who lives very close to Ferguson, has a solution to the tense police vs. citizens standoff: Teach people to meditate! By entering a state of deep relaxation once, twice, or even five times per day, people can change not just their behavioral patterns but even their brain structure, significantly increasing the level of stress they can handle. Regular meditation generally makes people calmer, happier and more relaxed…perhaps even more creative, as pro-9/11-truth filmmaker David Lynch suggests. It can transform potentially hotheaded trigger-happy cops into cool-headed public servants whose “good vibes” rub off on the folks they interact with.

Towards the end of this interview, Ruffina reveals her ability to teach people to see the “divine light” associated with the miraculous healing and extraordinary intuitive knowledge  of the saints of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other traditions…and traditional healers since time immemorial.

Ruffina’s late husband Farrokh K. Anklesaria, founder of The Enlightened Sentencing Project, gave up a lucrative law practice to devote himself to teaching prisoners to meditate…with great success as measured by non-recidivism studies. Maybe it’s time now to recognize that police are just as prone to anxiety-driven bad behavior as criminals, and make meditation an integral part of police training. “Teach a Cop to Meditate,” anyone?

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  1. Very enlightening! Inner peace is the necessary basis for outer peace.

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