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‘US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax’

“The participation of high-level Americans in the 9/11 deception explains the US government’s reluctance to release the explosive 28 pages and risk igniting the greatest scandal in world history.”

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4 Thoughts to “‘US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax’”

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent piece today. I completely agree. I also enjoyed the comment from Rico Poor: "we behave like children that continue to believe in Santa". Good observation.

    Arguing 9/11 truth with friends & coworkers feels like convincing 4-year olds that Santa cannot possibly be real. It doesn't work. Americans are an idealistic bunch, and they prefer their popular fairy tales to logic and reason. Americans will be the last to figure it out.

  2. Anonymous

    As I heard the story, Cheney threatened to kill Sen. Paul Wellstone and his family–the Senate-eligible Wellstones, anyway–ONLY if Sen Wellstone voted against the second Iraq War.

    Thus, Sen. Wellstone had the proverbial "keys to the graveyard" in his own pocket, so to speak. Wellstone's vote didn't change the result, which was nowhere close in either House. So, for a meaningless vote, Wellstone sacrificed his own life and the 30-and-over members of his family.

    Looks like a murder-suicide to me, and I'm sure Cheney would argue that.

  3. Heck of a way to lobby for votes.

  4. Anonymous

    Very effective, apparently. There was worldwide opposition to the second Iraq war, including in the US, which opposition House and Senate votes did NOT reflect.

    The world now seems resigned to continuous armed conflict, news managed to at least appear mostly as low intensity conflict, rather than as world war on different continents and in multiple theaters.

    There is something Orwellian about it!

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