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Eric Walberg: The lighter side of Islamic State

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Vinnie Eastwood talks about “the lighter side of genocide” and gets away with it. Anybody ready for “the lighter side of Islamic State”?
The dark side of Islamic State is all over the media: Beheadings, beheadings, and more beheadings. But let’s not lose our heads over it. There must be a reason why, despite the near-universal vilification, Islamic State holds appeal for some disaffected Muslims. And not all of them are boneheads like Anjum Choudary, whom I debated last week on Press TV.
In his new article Coming to terms with IS’s ‘new world order’ journalist-author Eric Walberg writes:

“IS continues to confound.  Not only negatively for its restrictions on women and its grim revolutionary justice, but because on many fronts, it is spot on. 

 *It has put the caliphate project back on track after almost a century of Muslim humiliation *It has made sharia (at least its version) the basis of its social order *It has (correctly) targeted Saudi Arabia as the font of corruption and decadence, the Muslim world’s ‘enemy at home’ *It is set to become the only ‘state’ to back its currency with gold coinage. ISIS says the new currency will take the group out of “the oppressors’ money system”, and return control over the money supply from bankers to the state.”

Does Islamic State have any positive potential? Or is it a purely destructive false-flag group designed to smear Islam and smash the Middle East into bits? Tune in and decide for yourself!

4 Thoughts to “Eric Walberg: The lighter side of Islamic State”

  1. Quran [039:17-18] : "…Give, then, this glad tiding to [those of] My servants who listen [closely] to all that is said, and follow the best of it : [for] it is they whom God has graced with His guidance, and it is they who are [truly] endowed with insight!" (as translated by Muhammad Asad)


    I have dug enough in the psyche of my fellow muslims that, right now, I wouldn't trust them enough to park correctly a small japanese car in an empty car lot.

    Some of my fellow muslims who love to waive the banner of islam under everybody's nose and make a show of their pious rituals, seem to think that the harsher they are toward their fellow humans, the closer they are to the door of paradise. I also never understood nor related to their dislsike of animals : they pretend to love the Creator while showing no love for His Creation.

    The muslims who are infatuated with ISIL and similar movements, I tend to see them as stupid people, very often in love with the habit of finger-pointing, looking for an external saviour to cling to. They are the proverbial "putting the cart before the horse".

    Instead, they ought to have the courage to look inside themselves and start improving from the inside out, rather than be overly concerned with whom to follow and whom to put on a pedestal, or worse, looking for sinners to punish. For them, it's always "jew this, jew that". (joke of the day : "How do you teach an arab to change a light bulb ?. You can't. They all just sit in the dark and blame the jews.").

    That said, I aknowledge that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to keep a clear thinking when one has to endure much suffering through wars and bombs being rained down from the sky on one's community and on loved ones.

    The non-muslims who go around praising ISIL, I think they are either misguided or on the payroll to promote the so-called "Clash of Civilizations". After all, the architects of the NWO need a perpetual villain to herd their population at will.

    I would like to finish by quoting Zahir Ebrahim ("Faith – To Inspire And To Indoctrinate"; July 04, 2011) :

    "As Muslims, we love wearing our religion upon our forehead. We are also perhaps the most ritualistic pious people on earth. Our mosques are full of heaven seekers. But when it comes to implementing the core meaningful constructs of the religion which transcend the rituals of piety, we are the proverbial empty drum – make a lot of noise. We love to carry the banner of "Islam" in our names, titles, institutions, national constitutions, etc. The non-Muslim not entirely taken in by our show of pious rituals would surely have noticed that more we use the word "Islamic" in our designations and affiliations, more we appear to please false gods while making all our pretenses to the One True God we proclaim to worship."

  2. Anonymous

    Germany’s DW Reports ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey (2014 Nov. 27th) :

  3. interesting view Kevin! We were the first to confirm that ISIS was the new GIA/AQMI, an that ISIS was in some way linked to the Assad DRS secret military services… An Algeria bis death squad… ISIS linked to Tel Aviv and the iran contra of rouhani, the ahl saloul… ISIS job was to destroy Jabha Al Nusra ou al bughat of jabha al khusra… we've linked the to the tunisian libyan french-israeli, the linked of the anglo israelis in Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan and the israelis, the rest are from the neo-cons in ukrainian nato countries…

  4. Anonymous

    2014, Dec. 07th : "New UN report reveals collaboration between Israel and Syrian rebels" by Maya Shwayder, Jerusalem Post, December 7, 2014.

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