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Anthony Hall on “9/11 Reality”, Timothy Grey on “Agropocalypse Now”

Friday 12/26 – Listen live – 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  – click on the “Studio B” button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

First hour: Anthony Hall discusses his new article “Ken O’Keefe and the Battle for 9/11 Reality,” which was taken down from Veterans Today due to an editorial dispute. (The above link works!) Topics include Zionist complicity in the 9/11 inside job, Israel’s hostile takeover of Canada, universities as enemies of truth, ISIS as a Mossad operation, and Canadian parliamentarian Elizabeth May’s reading of a 9/11 truth petition into the parliamentary record.

Second hour: Timothy Grey, filmmaker whose previous credits include the Lyme disease exposé Under the Eight Ball, on his new film project Agropocalypse Now. Topic: A Brazilian corporate soybean-production project is about to trash a lot of rainforest and evict a lot of people from their homes…unless we care enough to stop it.

2 Thoughts to “Anthony Hall on “9/11 Reality”, Timothy Grey on “Agropocalypse Now””

  1. Anonymous

    A few musings about the recent "disclosure" on torture.

    First, let me highlight the fact that all mainstream media are happily reporting on the US-condoned torture and particularly on its disgusting manner. When mainstream media are acting in chorus, I fetch my "gun", or more accurately, I am smelling a rat.

    What are the facts? We are told by the same governments who have lied to us for years, that now they are telling us the truth and reveal the bad things that have been done in the name of the government. Are we supposed to believe them NOW? What if all or most of these torture stories are fabricated? Are we absolutely certain that these stories are true, and not made up? I am not. And my skepticim grows in the same rate as the details of the torture become more specific.

    What effect does the debate on torture have on 9/11 truth? It is an excellent diversion. It also entrenches the 9/11 legend, by shifting the gaze to the question whether we should or should not force the "terrorists" to reveal secrets by torture. The very establishment of Guantanamo and the endless debate on the status of the detainees has been food for lawyers, human rights activists and the media, shifting their gaze from 9/11. But if 9/11 was a government operation, these are no terrorists involved, so the entire torture story has no sense. Why torture people whom the governments knows are not involved in terrorism? There is nothing to extract from these people.

    Another purpose for peddling the torture story would be to make it impossible to bring the socalled High-value detainees to trial, because a trial might reveal that these persons have no relation to 9/11, or even that the persons are not the real guys, but doubles.

    For the above reasons, I warn against taking at face value the new "revelations". We in the 9/11 truth movement, should not be drawn into this fake debate.

    All the best,


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