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My Fars News interview on cops killing black Americans

Farsi version:

1/As a 2nd black teenage in recent months is killed by a white police, what do you think of the respect for all colors in the US? Do you agree that a systematic racism still exists in the United States?
While there is undoubtedly widespread systematic racism in the US today, there is also an economic factor behind the recent protests of police shootings in Missouri. The US economy no longer provides good jobs for working-class people, because elite decision-makers chose to outsource manufacturing to nations with cheaper labor. In America today, the rich are getting richer, and everyone else is getting poorer. So working-class people are struggling, and they are angry. The elite, using the divide-and-conquer strategy, is trying to make white people angry at black people and vice-versa.  White working class anger at black people results in white police shooting black teenagers. Black anger at white racism leads to protests. Both groups ought to focus their anger on the elite decision-makers who ruined their lives by hollowing out the US economy.

2/As Obama is the 1st black president in the US and the Constitution always claims respect for freedom and rights. Do you think such actions (as police shootings) against the blacks in the US contradict that?

The election of Obama as the first African-American President has not solved the race problem in the US. In some ways it has made the problem worse. Obama is a tool of the elite banksters who created the underlying economic problem. White working-class people vaguely understand that, and many of them hate Obama as a symbol both of “black privilege” (Obama never would have been elected if he were white) and the destruction of the white working class. 

Obama’s election also failed to stop police state brutality that falls most heavily on black people. American police routinely abuse and even murder innocent people, especially people of color. While a small minority of police officers commits most of the brutality, the other officers, the police hierarchy, the courts, the government, and the media conspire to protect that minority of psychopathic and murderous police officers. Scandalously, American police officers – virtually all of them – routinely lie in court, under oath, especially when called on to protect their “brother officers.” In the case of the recent shooting of Vonderitt Myers Jr., video taken in a store just moments before the shooting shows that he was unarmed – yet the police have invented an almost certainly false story that he was armed and fired at the officer who killed him.  Whatever the truth about this particular case, American police routinely invent such outrageous lies to cover their own misdeeds. America needs wholesale reform of its police force to restore confidence in the authorities.

3/In an interview about Micheal Brown’s death and the protests afterward, attorney Malik Shabbaz of NBPP accused police of sending infiltrators to cause chaos and riots among peaceful protests. On the other hand the police has strongly suppressed the protestors. Even the Israeli regime said – since it has been involved in such suppression for more than 6 decades in Palestine – it would help the US government to suppress the protestors, what’s your take on that?

United States taxpayers have handed Israel hundreds of billions of dollars. Some of that money has paid for Israeli training of American police. There is an obvious connection between Israel’s de facto official policy of shooting unarmed Palestinian children for sport, as documented by British Medical Journal and Chris Hedges’ article ‘Gaza Diary,’ and the shootings of American black people by US police. Likewise the Israeli practice of viciously suppressing peaceful demonstrations using military equipment and extreme brutality is now commonplace in the US, where American police conspired to plan the murder of Occupy leaders by police snipers, as reported by journalist Dave Lindorff.  The bottom line is that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d’état, and the US, like Palestine, is effectively under an ever-more-brutal Zionist occupation.

4/Do you think the police officers who killed Brown and Myers might be cleared of charges? If so, how do you think the people would react?

The officers will likely be cleared of charges, since police brutality and even murder is virtually never punished in America. The reaction will probably include more protests and riots, which will be put down with even more brutality. All of this plays into the hands of the Zionist bankster elite that rules the USA through divide-and-conquer tactics.

One Thought to “My Fars News interview on cops killing black Americans”

  1. Your answer to number 4 assumes guilt of those two officers.

    With Brown, reports show that this near 400 pounder attacked the cop, breaking his face and tried to take his gun.

    I am a regular citizen and had this giant attacked me in the same way, and I had a weapon to defend myself with, he would be dead.

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