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3 Thoughts to “FFWN: Ottowa shooting – yet another false flag?”

  1. Anonymous

    Because Jim mentioned J. Kenneth Blackwell: You brought back so many memories…

    I was a volunteer investigator of the election fraud in 05 and 06 in Ohio. We found all kinds of election fraud but you would not know this if you listen to any corporated-controlled media. Jim mentioned J. Kenneth Blackwell. I sum up the end of Blackwell’s career with Bye Bye Blackwell regarding his failed gubernatorial run for Ohio, and I do it in 3 minutes. It’s songwriting as a way of delivering news the mainstream media will not print or air: You can find the lyrics on Duhmocracy the CD, at duhmocracy dot com.

    Also Dr. Bob Fitrakis of the Free Press uncovered the truth of how Ohio SoS, Blackwell routed Ohio’s election results through servers housed in the basement of the Old Pioneer Bank in Chatenooga, in wee hours of 11/3/04. These were GOP servers maintained by SmartTech. Their IT guru, Michael Connell was scheduled for another hostile deposition before his plane crashed in Bath, Ohio when he was on his way home from DC in December of 2008. Of course, Connell never able to go on record with any more info on Blackwell’s dirty deed.

    There was all kinds of fraud in Ohio in ’04. After all our shoeleather and diligence of my six years as an election protection activist, I have concluded that our elections are a blackop masterminded and micromanaged as much as possible to within +-3% of any exit poll. I can count 26 ways till Sunday how they did it in Ohio in ’04. The MSM scorned and ridiculed us election truthers. We have since been vindicated but we are still ignored. I got to Blackwell with Bye Bye Blackwell (to the tune of Bye Bye Blackbird) just before his disastrous “unelection.”

    Don’t mean to bug you but mention Blackwell and I can’t shut up! Great show!

  2. Anonymous

    I have a question and an observation:

    So, Alfred Webre announces recently that the CDC is a bona fide proprietary corporation of the CIA.

    Today, Amy Goodman reports that the World Health Organization announced that fully 15K people have been killed by Ebola.

    So, here’s my question:

    Is WHO also a proprietary corporation of the CIA?, or some other global security state agency? I would bet you’ve already looked into that. I would love to know the answer.

    and, where does WHO get its numbers? I guess the REAL question is WHO is supplying them to WHOm? Pun intended.

    Observation: Answers would blow the truth wide open on this alleged pandemic.

    Love the show more than last week.

    Because inquiring minds want to know:)

    Thank you for your observations. I love the way you both connect all the dots. Brilliant.

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