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Hamas, Hezbollah fighting Israeli, ISIS terror

Leaders of the REAL war on terror
Leaders of the REAL war on terror

I just debated arch-Zionist WND Jerusalem correspondent Aaron Klein on Press TV. The topic: Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s admission that Hamas is now militarily and diplomatically stronger.
Watch the debate between Kevin Barrett and Aaron Klein at Press TV

Read the corrected transcript at Veterans Today

4 Thoughts to “Hamas, Hezbollah fighting Israeli, ISIS terror”

  1. Yes.

    The Jewish part of Aaron is just excellent and admirable. Its the Zionist part that makes him bad. Right?

    Take off the fucking gloves, Kevin.

  2. Anonymous

    I couldn't bring myself to use a capital letter to name your opponent in the recent debate on press tv. Your restraint stood in stark contrast to his rude bully-boy antics. Well done on the points you made too.

  3. Anonymous

    "Obama gave a speech, I wrote a song" says David Rovics.

    The song is titled "The Terrorist in Chief"

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