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False Flag Weekly News: 9/11 anniversary special edition!

False Flag News: 9/11 anniversary

1) WTC 7 Billboard Lights Up NYC!

2) High Rise Safety Initiative has enough signatures

3)  9/11 Truth Events in NYC

4) 9/11 author-researcher Christopher Bollyn returns to USA

5) 9/11 truth events in Washington, DC

6) 9/11 truth hits the editorial page

7) 9/11 truth sneaks into Daily Kos

8) 9/11 truth sneaks into 9/11 museum – virtually

9) 9/11 truth coming to Fighting Bob Fest

10) “9/11 in Academic Community” film reviewed

11) 9/11 truth coming to major conference in Iran

12) Profitability and Immorality: Philosophical reflections on 9/11

13) Arrest Kissinger for both 9/11s

14) Neocons confess: We did 9/11-Anthrax!

“Operation ISIS”

15) Fox foreknowledge of big false flag today?

16) Fox: “ISIS already in US”

17) Obama ISIS war speech

18) 7 Americans in 15 months try to join ISIS

19) “ISIS” targets US electrical grid

20) Obama to authorize airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

21) Bomb ISIS? Just say “No!”

22) Report: Iran Approves Joint Military Action With US Against IS

23) Longtime rivals team up to confront ISIS

Flashpoint Ukraine

24) German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers

25) Redrawing the map of Russia after WWIII

Occupied Palestine

26) Former Israeli soldier to US: “You are next!”

Occupied Cosmos

27) Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life

3 Thoughts to “False Flag Weekly News: 9/11 anniversary special edition!”

  1. Anonymous

    I was watching some footage of 9/11 because networks have to air it every year on the anniversary (like we are going to forget it happened). I was very disturbed at just how calm the newscasters were. That was something I just picked up on while reviewing the footage again and I can't believe I missed it. Their calmness in the face of 9/11 was eerie to me. They seemed to not be affected by it at all. Some would say, well, they were just pulling themselves together to deliver the news in the toughest of times. No, I am sorry. That event was too big for that level of calmness. I am not making any allegations. Just pointing out some more odd behavior.

  2. Good point.

    Some of the newscasters, like Dan "looks like controlled demolition" Rather, were suitably freaked out.

    Others weren't.

    The worst offenders were Harley Guy and Jerome Hauer. I wrote about them here:


  3. Anonymous

    The short video below talks about some new pictures taken of the events on 9/11/01 that are suppose to be shown for the first time this Sat. 9/13/14 in NYC at 2 00 pm , not sure where exactly, but I would assume close to the scene of the crimes.

    The man who took them claims they are shocking and will change everyone's perception of 9/11 You may want to be on the lookout for these. Not sure if this is just hype or not.

    http //

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