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Gaza genocide: My debate with a Zionist

“Go easy on this guy. He’s a nice guy, even though he’s a Zionist, and he’s had some heart problems.”
That was the advice from Press TV before Monday’s “The Debate” with Jeffrey Alderman. So I tried to avoid personal attacks, even though his arguments were annoying the jahannum out of me.
Press TV described the debate topic as follows:

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge: Record after record broken: from the number of dead, number of children killed, entire families wiped out, the devastation from the property damage, broken ceasefires, to UN agencies hit. All entail breaking international law which carries war crimes. Israel targeting of UN run schools has been condemned by the US, UN, and some other countries, like France. But why has there been no pressure on Israel beyond words? In this edition of the debate, we’ll discuss the prospects for a peace agreement, and the failure of the Intl. community. We’ll also discuss whether world opinion turning on Israel would translate into further isolation of Israel.
Respecter.Info’s headline was:

“Genocide in Gaza: Kevin Barrett Wins The Debate on Collateral Damage, Israeli Style 

I’m just happy I didn’t give the poor guy another heart attack.
Now if I were debating Netanyahu, I would feel differently.

2 Thoughts to “Gaza genocide: My debate with a Zionist”

  1. Anonymous


    The reliability of that London poofster you were debating was exposed when he mentioned in passing that D-Day was about beginning the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

    This goes to the reliability of this pompous little ziofuck: ever heard of a l'l thing called … THE EASTERN FRONT?? It only cost 27 million Soviet citizens, and it did all the softening up and destruction of more than 60 Nazi divisions before a single Anglo-American soldier set foot on the beach at Normandy…

    You did fine, but I was hoping you could have further shredded his credibility on that point which is remembered by people of a certain generation and older.

    Very few people alive today remember the story of the FBI's Red Channels catalogue of everyone and everything left-wing. Do you think Press-TV is compiling the modern-day version of a Black Channerls catalog of all the leading raving fascist ideologues?

    Personally my honey and I heep watching in hopes that we will see, live and in livid colour, Lee Kaplan, poisonous spawn of the judeocide, reach a point of apoplexy so intense as to explode into a vast bilious mess that blots out the sun however briefly…

    Best regards

  2. Good rhetoric Dr. Kevin. Your skills get better by the year. The apologist's Rhetoric failed because his Grammar and Logic were deficient.

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