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Ebola false flag coming? Let’s ask Dr. Garth Nicolson!

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Is the Ebola scare preparation for a big false flag? This is a good time to talk biowarfare with Dr. Garth Nicolson of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, one of the leading “white hat” experts!

Listener Anne Sullivan writes:

“Please put ALL of your attention on the false flag Ebola unfolding now because it is tied to martial law, the death of millions and the take over of the US.  

“All they have to do is declare a level 6 pandemic emergency which they are laying out the false impression of now, and the UN and WHO, along with FEMA and DHS  take control of the country and the Constitution is suspended.  They have FEMA boxcars with Guillotines made in China at the front of them and Obamacare includes a section on death by execution that lists death by guillotine (as well as by torture but they don’t use that word).  The pandemic laws on the books in each state are martial law, and it’s clear that Massachusetts law (and likely all of them) include the seizure of all transportation, all communication, all utilities,all industry, all farms, all food, clothing, property, etc. and Bush’s orders include forced human labor.  The laws also include immunity for any deaths or seizure of property or false imprisonment.  Here’s a small sample.”

Professor Garth L. Nicolson is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California. Born in 1943 in Los Angeles, Dr. Nicolson received his B.S. in Chemistry from University of California at Los Angeles in 1965 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California at San Diego in 1970. He is currently Professor of Integrative Medicine at Capitol University of Integrative Medicine and a Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle (Australia).

6 Thoughts to “Ebola false flag coming? Let’s ask Dr. Garth Nicolson!”

  1. Anonymous

    Ebola 2: here come the "global pandemic" promoters

    By Jon Rappoport
    July 31, 2014

    Now in the UK, the government has absurdly decided it wants to hunt for 30,000 people who might have "come in contact" with air traveler Patrick Sawyer, who is said to have died from Ebola.

  2. Anonymous html or a representative from the US National Institutes of Health contacted Samaritan's Purse – the charity they worked for in Liberia – and offered the experimental treatment, known as ZMapp.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin
    We try to explain our world situation in as concise and brief as possible. Here is an effort made yesterday, inspired in part by Paul Craig Roberts' scathing deconstruction of Obama's 01 Aug press conference. (Have you read it?) Anyway, here is my latest attempt to boil our current situation down to as few words as possible. best regards Evan Jones BTW – If you could restrain yourself from excessively baiting him, a conversation between you and Prof Yuri Slezkine would be good material for your show.

  4. Anonymous

    New York held largest ever surprise emergency drill for biological attack on Friday
    by Jane Burgermeister
    The Department of Health conducted the largest surprise emergency drill in New York City history on Friday to test the delivery of medications in the event of a biological attack.

  5. Anonymous

    I had one question for you to pass along to him. Did he ever detect any selectable markers with the exogenous (foreign) HIV-origin genes in the
    Gulf mycoplasma? A selectable marker would be a gene coding for resistance to a broad-spectrum antibiotic (like gentamycin) the organism is not
    normally resistant to it. That's how genetic engineers select out "converted" organisms and would be a smoking gun. (That's how GMO crops are also detected.)

    Dr. Nicholson mentioned treaty loopholes. If you do an FOI to the Dept. of Defense for materials supplied to me under an FOI (probably circa 1988) and obtain these you will find about 1000 pages they supplied me listing GM organisms, such as cobra-venom E. coli. These were all developed by the DoD or contractors ostensibly to allow development of diagnostic test kits and treatments for these agents. You had to develop the agents in order to do this–the loophole! The USSR had a similar program.

    You mentioned the anthrax false-flag and mentioned "weaponized" anthrax. My exact words at the time. Because the Neoconsd were trying to lock down the country I sent out a press release (at my own expense) pointing out that if you walk across an open field you will probably have a few anthrax organisms on your shoes. Africans who sit on bare ground get anthrax sores. It takes SPORES produced and packaged with expensive (and easily traceable) equipment to kill. As you point out, one of my old subscribers was the likely source. I also advised the Post Office to use electron beam systems to sterilize the mail. This was done rather quickly by officials—too quickly. I later found out Carlyle Group was a major shareholder in the supplier. So Bush and Cheney made money as well.

    Talk about Plum Island brings back memories. My folks had a house on the North Fork of Long Island and Plum Island (Plum Gut actually) was a good fishing spot.


    P.S., Kevin, with your inside knowledge of Judaism, did you think there was any connection with the recent Gaza butchery and the commemoration of the destruction of the first two temples by gentiles? That would seem to fit in with our discussion of the red heifer and third temple. Are the more fanatical Jews becoming increasingly powerful in the Israeli political system? Or has Netanyahu finally given in to neurasthenia?

  6. Anonymous

    It was a great interview! I had no idea you already knew him. That made it even better. Learned a lot. Ebola is easily contained, for one. And that there are outbreaks of disease near these bioweapons labs.

    Katrina was a test run for quarantining cities. If they do it to NYC (and they seem to be setting up for testing all over the city), and cut off food coming in and anyone going out, they could starve millions. Same with other big cities. And they have other things on the books about not hoarding and other stuff about state clearly in the Massachusetts law they plan to seize food.

    They've been looking forward to when the economy collapses and the nearly 50 million on food stamps have no way to live. Arranging a US Famine I think the Agent Orange pesticide is in place for the FDA to declare an infestation on organic farms and to order their spraying. The infestation? Earthworms, which the USDA has listed for some time as an invasive species. The food safety division of FDA run by Monsanto can then eliminate all independent farms and the only food in the US would be GMO and corporate and people would be begging for it. A complete take over of food using a declaration of "infestation," solved by Agent Orange pesticide.

    And the ICC regulations coming in from the UN and put in place in cities across the country, allow for the destruction of home gardens, declaring things in home trash based on nothing (food stocks?), declaring home uninhabitable (based on nothing) and ordering fences torn down (and they say this is so even if they are good repair) so there go food animals. They've done all that via "tidiness." The regulations are so cleverly done.

    And they've got redundant plans for animals, that they pushed through under "stopping animal abuse."

    When are other Veterans Today writers going to write about this? It's a military operation with many things planned for mass murder. Neil Keenan heard that want to kill 268 millions here. That's 3/4 of the population (if there are 350 million here). It's awfully quiet at VT even from those who have worked to expose 9/11. Wouldn't take much to expose this and then write all sorts of stuff that has been suppressed about it – the guillotines, the gas chambers, the laws for seizing everything, etc. This is a slow false flag that's been heavily prepared for, and the proof is all around.

    Thanks for what you are doing It needs to be at VT and there need to be many, many, many others there writing about it.

    Good wishes!

    -Anne Sullivan

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