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Bullet holes prove Ukraine fighter jets shot down MH17

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Putin’s enemies – the Zio-Nazi Ukrainian usurpers – shot down MH17 in a false flag

When Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, mainstream political hacks and their lapdog media blanketed the world with screaming front page headlines blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin. But now photographic evidence showing bullet holes in the cockpit – along with eyewitness testimony – prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the two Ukrainian fighter jets escorting MH17 that shot it down. The motive: demonize Putin, accelerate NATO aggression against Russia, and get Europe on board with American anti-Russian sanctions.

Today’s guest Peter Myers, a researcher from Queensland, Australia, directs us to this high quality image proving a Ukrainian shootdown of MH17.  Also check out this suppressed BBC interview with shootdown eyewitnesses – it was “pulled” by the BBC as part of the Western media cover-up of the MH17 false flag.  Also check out the German experts explaining why we know that the Ukrainian fighters shot down MH17; and the nine veteran intelligence analysts telling Obama to “stop lying” about MH17.

One Thought to “Bullet holes prove Ukraine fighter jets shot down MH17”

  1. Anonymous

    The picture you have the link to shows nothing definitive that I can see. What is it? The video is actually confirming that is was a BUK. The Ukrainian jets may have been hiding behind a passenger jet, Maybe that is why they told the passenger jet to fly on that route. So this is exactly what the ground BUK people were trying to shoot down and they hit the passenger jet instead…….

    BUSTED…… Do you see the logic and you posted the evidence.

    Also a smoke trail on the horizon is very hard to triangulate to in the video shown , It could be 20 miles in the distance, They found the scenery in the foreground but how do they know how far away the smoke trail is ?????? They don't.

    Also the rebels had control of the crash site for a very long time and could have shot up the planes with bullets to confound the experts and confuse things so much that the evidence is useless.

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