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Danny Schechter: Israel is bad for the Jews!

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Danny Schechter “The News Dissector” is one of America’s leading media critics. Though he’s Jewish himself, he is now being called an anti-Semite, a Jew-hater, a Nazi – you know the drill – because he dares to speak out about the “Big Lie” (Chris Hedges) of Israel’s propaganda narrative…and the fact that Zionist Israel is worse than apartheid South Africa (Chomsky).

Danny responded by deploring his AIPAC-loving nay-sayers as the totalitarians they are. For them, he says: “Dissent, however mild or reasonable, is not permitted. It’s always their way or the highway! We are supposed to hail AIPAC the way the Romans hailed Caesar.”

In this interview we argue a little bit but stay generally good-humored and congenial. As a former mainstream media insider turned whistleblower and critic, and a principled American Jewish voice with an acerbic sense of humor, Danny brings a much-needed perspective to this topic.

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5 Thoughts to “Danny Schechter: Israel is bad for the Jews!”

  1. Anonymous

    Across continents, Jews Take Action against Israeli Brutality: JOIN US!

  2. Anonymous

    Michael Rivero of receives a report that the three Jewish teenagers died in a car accident, and that their bodies were then transported to the place where the Israeli authorities claim they were executed by Hamas. The Israeli Government released a cell phone recording with someone yelling that they had been kidnapped, and then the sounds of multiple gun shots were heard on the recording. The cries of alarm have never been verified as the voices of the teens, yet Netanyahu gets away with declaring to the world that Hamas kidnapped and murdered the Jewish boys. Thusly, Netanyahu kindles the flames of hatred and vengeance against Hamas — a demonic rage quite like the rage kindled by Adolph Hitler. Now, Netanyahu has his wild Israeli mobs seething to endorse his preconceived plot, that of the merciless annihilation of the largely innocent civilian population of Gaza, just like his 2008 annihilation, and like other such annihilations, all of which clearly spell "genocide" by all accepted legal and moral definitions.
    -John DiNardo

  3. Anonymous

    The " Protocols of the ILLuminati " [ aka Protocols of the Elders of Zion ] spread like wildfire thru out Europe prior to WW1 when they were discovered more than 100 years ago . Two prominent contemporary historians recently observed that the Protocols was the " warrant " used to populate the Nazi concentration camps ; so that makes it of major historical significance regardless of authenticity controversies . Most americans have never heard of the Protocols because they are " woefully ignorant " as illuminati associate Brezinzski said on a recent NBC broadcast . Interestingly , Protocol 15 , item #6 bluntly claims that [ Gentiles are Stupid ] . After 100 years of organized murder and mayhem on this planet since discovering them it is virtually impossible to deny the validity of the Protocols .

  4. I'm not sure what "validity" means here. While they may be eerily prophetic dystopian fiction (like Brave New World or 1984) that doesn't mean they're actual documents of an actual group. If anyone knows of a convincing historical argument for their authenticity, or a refutation of the evidence they're a forgery, please let me know. As for them being a "warrant" to ethnically cleanse Jews from Europe, that warrant was invalid because virtually all of the Jews who were victimized were completely innocent of whatever the Rothschild elite and their friends were doing.

  5. Anonymous


    If any of my information on Schechter is flawed or skewed, please bring me up to date.

    Schechter is the co-founder of an independent media production company named Globalvision, which expanded to the Internet under the name Globalvision New Media. “Globalvision's diverse clientele includes NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, The United Nations, The World Bank, Time Magazine, Reebok, Polygram, The Body Shop, Sierra Club, Universal Pictures, Amnesty International, Sony, Marie Claire Magazine, Turner Broadcasting, MTV, Nippon Television, and many others.”

    Globalvision’s New Media subsequently launched a subsidiary company named The Media Channel, of which Danny Schechter is the founder and executive editor. Of great interest is the fact that in 1999 George Soros' Open Society Institute gave a $126,000 grant to the International Center for Global Communications Foundation toward the launch of Media Channel, which calls itself the 'first global media and democracy supersite on the Internet.'

    Schechter has also interviewed George Soros in 1997.

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