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New York’s new 9/11 investigation could stop global holocaust

“Passivity in the face of impending armageddon is immoral – if not clinically insane.

“Fortunately many people are sacrificing their time, energy and money to try to stop that runaway train, the Armageddon Express. Perhaps the most important group working to change history for the better, at this moment, is”

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2 Thoughts to “New York’s new 9/11 investigation could stop global holocaust”

  1. Anonymous

    The Zionists have been masters of false-flag terror since they dressed up as Arabs and bombed the King David hotel on July 22nd, 1946."

    True, but Jewish false-flag terror in Palestine goes back quite a bit further. Once the British Army was contractually obligated to "help" the Jews cleanse the land for their soon-to-be "state", after the Balfour Declaration, the Jews wasted no time in setting up smaller-scale false-flag operations to "help the process move along."

    They would burn a barn, steal some goats, trash some crops and promptly phone into the British regional magistrate to send in the Army to clear the land. Often, these targets were on Jewish-controlled property, made to look like "revenge" attacks by Arabs. Then, the recently "vacated" land would be turned over to the Jewish National Fund, a Rothschild front, to be sold and "settled" by Jews.

    Jewish false-flag attacks are as old as the Torah, maybe older.

    More to the point of this piece, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are playing it smart. They've been burned several times before, trying to get the truth out, so they've learned to "play it cool" and lead people slowly to the truth, that Israel and its agents are Public Enemy Number One of the American people.

    They don't say the word "zionists", Jews, Israel or whatever, but like you say, once the truth about building 7 becomes known, the rest quickly follows.

  2. Anonymous

    Larry Silverstein is a porn king Zio mob SCUM…turned insurance and real estate scam artist.

    But yet our society government and citizens.. allows this man to prance around our country like a parasitical KING!

    East coasters love there criminals!

    They love their mob..they love their crooked lawyers…. they love their crooked politicians…..they love their MASTERS!

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