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Filmmaker Art Olivier detained by TSA & FBI – working on Rachel Corrie feature film

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If you want to dangle Oscar bait in front of Zionist Hollywood, make yet another film about Anne Frank. But that’s not the film project Art Olivier – producer of the 9/11 truth thriller Operation Terror – has in mind.

Art is working on a feature film about Rachel Corrie, the young American peace activist murdered by an IDF soldier’s bulldozer. Unsurprisingly, Art’s trip to Iran to drum up support for the film was interrupted both coming and going by the feds. Art writes:

Before the FBI interview, they looked me up on IMDB. They never mentioned the subject matter of Operation Terror. One agent was trying to figure out why the Iranians would want me to visit them but did not tie the “9/11 story you are not supposed to know” with Muslims not wanting to be blamed for a crime they did not commit. They let me go after I agreed to a future meeting with them. 

Maybe at that second meeting Art will succeed in explaining 9/11 to the FBI, like I did when I was detained.

Art Olivier served as Mayor of Bellflower, CA and ran against Dick Cheney in 2000

One Thought to “Filmmaker Art Olivier detained by TSA & FBI – working on Rachel Corrie feature film”

  1. One item that might tend to support (or at least it led me to nodd along with) the idea that there is a Uranium biz interest involved in the Iran stuff…

    David LeBlanc mentioned "rice bowl breaking" in one of his early Thorium Molten Salt Reactor vids. I.e., one complication of getting LFTRs off the ground would inevitably be the established interests in the nuclear industry getting their piece of the action.

    In a later vid, he may have effectively acknowledged that something like that had already come into play: "Come for the Thorium, stay for the reactor" was his new motto: now it's still a Molten Salt idea, but it's directly fueled with Uranium.

    Unless you can think of reasons for that change other than Uranium interests, or at least Dr. LeBlanc's perception of them, that's probably a minor indicator of their clout. Though 'proliferation' could always be the copout.
    If they were also linked e.g. to Bibi, then they'd be a likely player in the harassment of Iran. It seems clear that the Zionists were involved in HE Uranium smuggling…they certainly have been 'in' the biz.

    …and wasn't there a pertinent Uranium mining company broom-closet-window in the Daltex building..? …hmmm… seems like something always mentioned just in-passing. Who's company was that?

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