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NY Times references Silverstein’s WTC demolition scam


The New York Times promises “all the news that’s fit to print.” 

Until now, the Times apparently believed the controlled demolitions of three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11 was news that was unfit to print. 

But today, on April 1st, 2014, the Times has finally published an apparent reference to World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein’s mother-of-all-insurance-scams. And no, that is not an April Fool’s joke.

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3 Thoughts to “NY Times references Silverstein’s WTC demolition scam”

  1. Anonymous

    Is somebody throwing Silverstein under the bus? First Judge Hellerstein slaps him down: "Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!"
    Now this in the NY Times. Maybe the powers-that-be have noticed that Larry's out-of-control greed is "bad for business." I predict that by this time next year he'll have met an unexpected demise.

  2. Very insightful prediction! I think I'll take out a 3.5 billion dollar one year term life insurance policy on Larry. It'll cost me about $15 million. Then when he croaks I'll sue for double indemnity on the grounds that it was two guys – "Larry" and "Silverstein" – who died.

  3. Anonymous

    Is the NY Times throwing the Zio-cons under the bus?

    "The Line to Kiss Sheldon Adelson’s Boots"

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