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DDWN: Putin vs. NWO


1) Russia absorbs Crimea

2) Putin reclaims Crimea, denounces the West

3) New Cold War?

 4) Putin says US guided by “the rule of the gun” in foreign policy

5) Obama pursuing neo-con plan for Ukraine

6) Ukraine protest leader now heads central bank

7) Ukrainian officer shot by Ukrainian Defense Forces

8) Kiev snipers shooting from bldg controlled by Maidan forces – Ex-Ukraine security chief

9) After Crimea, who is next?

10) 95.7% of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant — Paul Craig Roberts 

11) Paul Craig Roberts–US cannot subdue Russian bear

12) Putin puts fear of God in New World Order

13) Foreigners Sell A Record Amount, Over $100 Billion, Of Treasurys Held By The Fed In Past Week

False-Flag News

14) Malaysian plane: 20 passengers worked for ELECTRONIC WARFARE and MILITARY RADAR firm

15) Island of Diego Garcia Factors into Mysterious Malaysia Flight Theories

16) Missing plane changed course – Fox tries to blame Iran

17) Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: plea to US to release Pine Gap data

18) Defy Israel – lose an airliner

19) Larry Silverstein sucks $20 billion from taxpayers, wants more


20)  NSA Recording All of Foreign Nation’s Phone Calls

21) Former top NSA official: “We are now in a police state”  Former top NSA official: “We are now in a police state”

22)  Foreign leaders in dark about their own spies cooperation with NSA Foreign leaders in dark about their own spies cooperation with NSA

23) Obama/CIA in violation of international law

24) Australia passes draconian anti-protest law amidst protest

 Odds and Ends

25) Karzai tells US to Leave Afghanistan – “we don’t need you”

26) LaRouche warns of thermonuclear war (by Tuesday)

27) Are UFO experts being murdered? New book to investigate ‘pattern’ of deaths–new-book-to-investigate–pattern–of-deaths-134147932.html#WiNODIW

5 Thoughts to “DDWN: Putin vs. NWO”

  1. Anonymous

    Dr. David Griscom recently won the 9/11 Physics Debate.

    He has a PhD in Physics from Brown University, worked at the
    Naval Research Lab for 33 years, was chosen by NASA as a
    Principal Investigator of the Moon rocks, and published over 190 papers
    in peer reviewed independent scientific journals, earning him a Hirsch
    Index of 52 (a measure of his references in the scientific community).

    No top scientists came forward to support the fishy official theory.
    Not even NIST or JREF would speak out at the debate to defend it.

    The links to hear and see the debate are at

    Dr. Griscom covered the top 3 points from Physics that show
    the official story of 9/11 is not in accord with the laws of nature.

    Kevin Barrett, the host of No Lies Radio interviewed Dr. Griscom
    as they tried to find someone with a PhD in Physics to compete
    by March 1, and with a two week extension until March 15.

    If no top scientists will speak out for the official 9/11 theory,
    then how scientific is it?

    Rick Shaddock
    Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness
    1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006
    202-449-9500 fax
    Lobbying Congress and Police for a Scientific Investigation of 9/11

  2. Anonymous

    Did Italy's former Pres. Cossiga, a 911 Truther, die of natural causes, or was he murdered by the Illuminati for revealing their evil deeds, a crime punishable by death, according the codes of the rulebook of the secret satanic societies. Pres. Cossiga reveals the true perpetraitors [traitors against God] of the horrific 911 mass incineration, a satanic sacrifice, and the doorway to greater genocide throughout the Middle East. What killed NBC-TV political host, Tim Russert, who exposed Skull&Bones?

  3. Kevin, the Chinese did not confirm the story of the 20 engineers present in the plane en route to Pekin… but the Chinese were expecting a false flag and did not follow Tel Aviv explanations… something fishy went wrong for the usual suspects…

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Dr. Barrett. Do you think it is possible the missing malaysia flight was an attempt to carry out the The Night Journey by Muhammed the prophet? I am noticing that it left on March 7, GMT, flight 370, on a triple 7, and made a flight path of a number 7. The Baraq would be the plane and it went missing on March 8, the day in the year 620 the journey happened. And maybe they were trying to ascend to the 7 heavens. (Baraq the winged beast). I find all this paralelling. I could not get CNN to respond via message. Thank you

  5. This could be an example of the NWO's sick sense of humor.

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