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Behind the headlines: Sandy Hook/Boston, Ukraine/Venezuela/Syria…

1) False flag news

1) CT Sandy Hook Privacy Panel adds 5 year term for going beyond FOIA

2) U.S. military, deputies carry out secretive – and noisy – joint exercise Monday and Tuesday

3) Wayne Madsen Reports blows banker deaths sky high


4) Judge tosses suit for spying on Muslims, says learning about it was the harm

5) Feds move to keep NSA call data indefinitely

6) AT&T overlooks 80,000,000 NSA targets

7) How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

8) There’s something wrong at the FBI

9) Complete collapse of US intel capabilities

US overthrowing 3 governments

10) Can Washington overthrow 3 governments at the same time?

1: Venezuela

11) Venezuela’s President accuses Obama of inciting violence

2: Ukraine

12)  Archrival is freed as Ukraine leader flees

13) Russian units transferred to Ukraine border

14) West provoking civil war in Ukraine

 15) US and EU are creating Nazi state in Ukraine

16) How US press distorts Russia, Sochi and Ukraine

17)  Jewish groups celebrate regime-change in Ukraine

3 Syria

18) Israeli jets bomb Syria

19) Terrorists assassination two Syrian moderates

20) US investigates illegal military equipment shipments from Israel to Iran


21) Anti-semitism sustains Jewish existence

22)  Daily Paul owner cannot suppress discussion of US subjugation to Israel

Afghan Quagmire

23) US not leaving Afghanistan

24) US airstrike kills 9-year-old

25) Taliban attack kills dozens of soldiers in eastern Afghanistan


26) Top ten US aid recipient practice torture

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