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AFP’s Keith Johnson: “I’m a conspiracy theorist – but not on Sandy Hook!”

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Guest: Keith Johnson of American Free Press, who (along with Deanna Spingola) has been arguing against the claim that Sandy Hook was a false flag. According to Keith, much of the evidence cited by Sandy Hook skeptics is less convincing than it first appears – and the number of people who would have to be involved in the “total hoax” scenario makes that hypothesis highly implausible.

Compare Keith’s points to those made by James Tracy and Jim Fetzer last Friday and in their article, and reach your own conclusions!

Look for Keith Johnson’s forthcoming articles on Sandy Hook in American Free Press...

One Thought to “AFP’s Keith Johnson: “I’m a conspiracy theorist – but not on Sandy Hook!””

  1. Anonymous

    I was not impressed with Keith Johnson today on NLR. You are easy to talk to, and he was so intense and leading the discussion into areas almost beside the point and not at all focusing on any of Wolfgang Halbig's points. Also, I have heard the whole town is a CIA town.

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