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It took “courage” for Obama to fake Bin Laden killing!

Today’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News:

Links to some of the sources on these stories:

False flags (Sandy Hook – gun control)

1) Robert Gates lauds Obama’s “courage” in faking Bin Laden killing

2) New study exposes Sandy Hook hoax

3) NY assault weapons ban approved by judge

4) Former Detroit Chief of Police says “Arm yourselves!”

Tyranny, NSA

5) Snowden has more US-Israeli secrets to disclose

6) More on the NYT’s endorsement of Snowden

7) NSA implies that it is spying on Congress

8) Bernie Sanders asks if NSA is spying on Congress

9) Rand Paul to file NSA surveillance lawsuit

10) NSA spied on Israel about possible Iran attack

Middle East

11) Fifty US senators line up behind AIPAC’s Iran sanctions bill

12) US and Iran have common enemies in the Middle East

13) Hezbullah received Russian missile

14) McCain and Graham want to invade Iraq–again!

15) Anti-Assad forces attacking one another,0,1630402.story#axzz2pUuAOd1W

US Domestic Issues

16) New York Mayor issues liberal themes

 17) Abortion rights falling to state legislatures . . .

18) Radiation hot spot on San Francisco beach

19) Jobless workers enter free fall

20) Cheerios drops GM ingredients

21) Ralph Nader’s “Open Letter” to George W. Bush

22) Bush’s anti-American legacy

One Thought to “It took “courage” for Obama to fake Bin Laden killing!”

  1. One of my Senators, so far, hasn't signed on to this blatant act of treachery against the US Constitution and I emailed her and urged her to not give in to AIPAC's "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013."

    The other, a despicable POS called Blunt, got the following email:

    Blunt–no, I won't call someone who hands over war powers to Israel, a Senator–you've signed the "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013," which will give the nuclear-armed lunatics of Israel the decision to send America off to another war in the ME.

    You have violated your oath to the Constitution and basically, are a traitor.

    But you'll rake in Big Bucks for your campaign and 'expenses,' filthy lucre that only traitors can enjoy.

    You are a disgrace to this country, so why not move to your true love, Israel?

    And I signed my full name, address and phone, in case that POS wants to talk, but I bet the greasy bastard is too busy sucking AIPAC cock…Sorry for the language.

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