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Commentary Magazine attacks me for “Did Israel kill JFK?” article

Commentary Magazine is the flagship publication of America’s most rabid neocon-Zionist extremists. For some reason they aren’t happy about my recent Press TV article headlined “Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?

Squealing like a proverbial stuck pig, Commentary writer Michael Rubin calls my article “noxious hate” but makes no effort to dispute its central contention: That Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment makes a strong case that Israel was a key player in the JFK assassination…

Read my full response to the Commentary smear:

2 Thoughts to “Commentary Magazine attacks me for “Did Israel kill JFK?” article”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, the time has come to pass a law that prohibits "Israeli Bullying" of Congress and all US government officials.

    This law should make it criminal for the ADL, AIPAC, or any other Israeli Lobby that attempts to influence US Foreign or Domestic Policy through political intimidation.
    Once passed in the US other countries around the

    globe will follow suit.
    What do you think?

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