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Mark Weber: Zionists censor critics by shutting down credit cards!

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Guest: Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

The IHR once had its office burned down by Zionist terrorists. Now the same terrorist group – the Jewish Defense League – is trying to burn down IHR’s finances by shutting down the Institute’s processing of credit card orders and donations.

IHR is one of the few outfits that tells the truth about the Zionist Power Configuration and its stranglehold on US foreign policy. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the authors IHR publishes, but I respect their right to free thought, free expression, and free inquiry. When the Zionists start turning off their critics’ ability to use credit cards, it’s time to draw the line!

IHR director Mark Weber writes:

“Behind the shutdown is Dov  Hikind, a member of the New York state Assembly who represents a heavily  Jewish district of Brooklyn, New York. He is well know as a fervent  ‘Israel firster.’ For years he was an activist of the Jewish Defense  League, an outfit that the FBI describes as a ‘violent extremist Jewish  organization’ and a “right-wing terrorist group.”

“I’ve written  to Master Card to point out Hikind’s well-documented record of bigotry  and support for violence, and to urge the company to end its  collaboration with this bigot, and to terminate its campaign against the  IHR.”

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