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Western secret services created al-Qaeda to attack enemies of Israel

Press TV

 Western secret services have created the al-Qaeda terrorist group to protect Israeli interests and justify military intervention in other countries, a political analyst says.

“The whole story of the so-called war on terror is not what we’ve been told. It’s not as strange as it may seem that the US would bomb Syria for al-Qaeda,” Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday.

He made the comments after Senator Rand Paul criticized President Barack Obama for asking Americans

to be “allies with al-Qaeda” twelve years after the 9/11 attacks.

“Twelve years after we were attacked by al-Qaeda, 12 years after 3,000 Americans were killed by al-Qaeda, President Obama now asks us to be allies with al-Qaeda,” Paul said on Tuesday, referring to Washington’s military strike plan for Syria, where al-Qaeda-affiliated groups are fighting against the Syrian government.

“Al-Qaeda is the main foreign intelligence operation established by the Western secret services with a couple of objectives: One is to create a very serious public relations backlash against the Islamic awakening by having these al-Qaeda people committing violent acts against civilians all over the world,” Barrett noted.


Barrett, who is a member of Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, added that another reason for creating al-Qaeda is to protect the Israeli interests.

“And another perhaps more important rationale for the establishment of al-Qaeda by the Western secret services is to use it as an Arab legion to attack the enemies of Israel and the West all over the world.”

As American officials consider military strikes on Syria over accusations of chemical weapons use, “they will use the existence of al-Qaeda in Syria as an excuse to bring in more Western intervention,” Barrett said.

4 Thoughts to “Western secret services created al-Qaeda to attack enemies of Israel”

  1. Anonymous

    No remorse shown or apology however to the man he kidnapped and took for torture nor to his family.
    A pardon would give green light to future kidnappings and say that the CIA is above the law. Dangerous precedent. Any mafioso can demand a pardon if he gets one.

    I saw this story on the BBC News iPad App and thought you should see it:

    Ex-CIA chief seeks pardon from Italy

    A former CIA Milan station chief asks the Italian president for a pardon after being convicted in absentia of kidnapping an Egyptian Muslim cleric.

    Read more:

  2. I did not keep anyone away from the DC conference.

    The only person I would keep away from important events is a certain psycho sex stalker named Brian Good ; – )

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  4. Anonymous

    Anyway, what the hell is up Over the pond in America? The once upon- a – time "land of the free and the brave"? America is training and funding Al Qaeda terrorists, illegally, who attacked the twin towers, to now attack Syria and has children. Obama is the gasser of children.

    Who benefits? Israel. Those who were once gassed, are now gassing children. If Syria is bombed and ruined, like Iraq and Gaza, the Golan Heights and their water will never be returned to the Syrians. The threat to bomb Syria is all about the Golan Heights. Al Qaeda cannot alone defeat Assad without direct intervention and cruise missile bombing help from America.

    We all know this, that's why normal citizens everywhere are boycotting Israeli products. If only the government listened to the people who elected them. Receiving Israeli funding may become a big electoral liability of Senators like McCain, the war mongering Senator for Tel Aviv, who cannot wait to sacrifice more brave America boys to help apartheid, racist Israel to furter expand her illegal borders. McCain has received millions from the arms industry and Israel. The taxpayer money he sends to Israel is channelled straight back to aid his personal election funds. He is guilty of high treason, along with Bush and Blair. Without McCain, bought and paid for by AIPAC, many brave Americans would still be alive today, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families would not have lost their loved ones either.

    I am definitely all for Americans keeping their arms. The day will come when you will need them to defend yourselves against, not the British, but US government soldiers led by McCain and Netanyahu.

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