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Eric Walberg on Syria & Egypt; Matt Sullivan on DC 9/11 Truth Conference

Wed.  9/4/13, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism and From Postmodernism to Post-Secularism: Re-Emerging Islamic Civilization is one of the world’s best geopolitical analysts. Having lived for many years in Cairo, Eric is an Egypt and Mideast expert who refuses to toe the mainstream media party lines. His articles on the massacre of democracy in Egypt are among the best on the topic – the latest is “Egypt’s Color Coup.”

Second hour: Matt Sullivan is a lead organizer of the upcoming DC 9/11 Truth Conference at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel on September 14th and 15th, 2013.  The Conference will follow the Million American March on September 11th.

7 Thoughts to “Eric Walberg on Syria & Egypt; Matt Sullivan on DC 9/11 Truth Conference”

  1. Anonymous

    When I was first researching 9/11, after the DC truth emergency conference in July, 2005, I found some information that the plane, if there was one, flew over and went into an underground bunker. Why I am suspicious about it, and think this could have happened, is because as soon as I tried to share this information, it disappeared, and could not be found any more. Just a thought.

  2. The Conference starts on Friday evening and goes through Sunday. Here is the full schedule.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, i have a question, when is the Truth Jihad Radio website going to update your shows archive?? None of the new shows are up.

  4. Anonymous

    glad you're back on the air although I have thoroughly enjoyed the Press TV battles

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin,

    I didn't have time to send these very graphic clips recently, but they speak for themselves.

    Why would these people be receiving U.S. and western money, logistical support & tactical assets?
    Will the American public fall for the same tricks, being led into conflict repeatedly, no matter who is in DC?

    Do you think you could translate these or at least make certain they are what they claim to be, by chance?

    Maybe people need to see & be reminded of the objectives set forth in Zbiggy's Grand Chessboard plan and underscore the fact that it's the same plan being furthered via several administrations:
    (familiar video of AmyGoodman interviewing Gen.Clark)

    Thanks, as always, for your consideration in utilizing this info.
    -B inWisconsin

  6. Anonymous

    Dr. Barrett,

    I’ve read some of your articles and you seem to insinuate that your fellow Muslims were not responsible for 9/11. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. The passports of the Muslim hijackers found in New York and Pennsylvania, the call the Solicitor General received from his wife’s cell phone on Flight 77 describing the Muslim hijackers and bin Laden’s massive eight story cave that was shown on Meet The Press by the Secretary of Defense that your Muslim brothers used in Afghanistan to carry out the operation.

    PNAC, which I think really stands for Palestinians Nuke American Christians, laid out the plans for the attack. The Muslims in PNAC, which latter became members of the Bush Administration, argued for a “new Pearl Harbor.” Well you Muslims sure gave us that!

    Then there is the Muslim leaseholder of the World Trade Center that was awarded $4.5 billion from a Muslim judge for losses far exceeding his investment. And how about all of those Muslims that shorted the United and American Airlines stock a week before 9/11?

    And don’t forget that it was a Muslim that got his PhD in Public Myths who headed up the investigation of 9/11. And the Assistant Attorney General that freed over 100 of his fellow Muslim spies after 9/11 and was later promoted as the head of Homeland Security.

    There are many more instances of Muslim involvement in 9/11. So why don’t most Americans know about them? Because Muslims control the media in the United States. That’s right, I said it and just blew your cover. You Muslims get away with your atrocities because you control the flow of information. Of course you will not publish this expose’ because it sheds too much light on the Muslim modus operandi.

    Satirically Yours,


  7. Anonymous

    This is a podcast I wouldn't want to miss, but I find that your programs aren't being archived on Truth Jihad. Thanks

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