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Bandar, Prince of Terrorists

Bandar’s response to this article

Is Saudi Intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan – affectionately known to his Bush crime family colleagues as “Bandar Bush” – the real operational head of al-CIAduh?

Read my Press TV article:

Bandar Bin Sultan: Prince of Terrorists


2 Thoughts to “Bandar, Prince of Terrorists”

  1. Anonymous

    Eat Your Heart Out, Kerry

    Bonesman Kerry is talking out his ass
    When he accuses Assad of dropping gas
    ‘Cause if he ruled the day
    Missiles would be underway
    Turning old Damascus into green glass

    They reached into their ol’ one-trick bag
    And pulled out another lame false flag
    But the public’s awake
    And they’re not gonna take
    Another war based on a Mossad sight gag.

    Because F.S.A. rebels are Saudi-backed C.I.A.
    Fighting for Arab/Euro gas pipeline right-of-way
    To break Putin’s gas stranglehold
    That threatens Europe with cold
    But they’re losing, much to Bandar Bush’s dismay!

    Yes, the world’s sheeple now greatly doubt
    ‘Cause the media has absolute zero clout
    So to the so called F.S.A.
    Here is what I would say:
    “You Saudi cannibals can eat your hearts out!”

  2. Anonymous

    While playing with my various twitter accounts (up to 12 now), I come across endless people with Benghazi 4 Ribbons somewhere on their profiles/avatars.

    Most are standard cookie cutter conservative types. They think Sean Hannity is a patriot, believe Bill O'Reilly, idolize Andrew Breitbart, and love Michelle Malkin and the Twitchies. Since 9/11, they are scared to death that evil Muslims are going to gas their kids, rape their wife, and take over earth(OBV).

    In all honesty, I try not to engage these mental drones too much. I've learned their minds have been washed well beyond the point of no return. Plus, there are tons of them, and smarting off to one often requires a ten way debate when their hive brain allies quickly rush in to defend their entire belief system.

    Cutting to the chase! If Benghazi wasn't a spontaneous event, I'm sure the satanic assholes that schedule such things don't mind placing another 9/11 mental roadblock into the many tiny brained #TCOT's (Top Conservatives On Twitter).

    What politically active conservative drone could even fathom questioning 9/11/2001 when they are convinced 9/11/2012 was the latest D-Day. Their United States bisexual Kenyan born crypto-Muslim President ain't getting away with BENGHAZI!

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