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Tsarnaevs 9/11 truthers, not terrorists

Why would a Muslim who knew that 9/11 was an anti-Islam PR stunt – and a disaster for Muslims – want to stage another 9/11-style attack on US civilians?”

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See also the Boston Globe report on which the above op-ed is based:

3 Thoughts to “Tsarnaevs 9/11 truthers, not terrorists”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you had a wonderful vacation from the radio and did all of whatever it was you wanted to do. I'm SO looking forward to hearing you on the "air" again.

  2. Anonymous

    << The Boston Globe quoted Tamerlan’s neighbor, Harvey Smith, as saying that Tamerlan owned many 9/11 truth publications, some of them gifts from Donald Larking. But according to Smith, the FBI showed no interest in Tamerlan’s 9/11 truth material; they carted off all of his Islamic books as “evidence,” but left the 9/11 stuff. >>

    For an agency up to its eyeballs in domestic terrorism, the FBI would be vitally interested in what Tamerlan's collection had to say about the FBI's involvement with 9/11 and its aftermath, the anthrax attacks, etc.

    The apparent "lack of interest" is entirely feigned!

    The security agencies of the US Government are bedevilled by conflicts of interest at every turn. For that reason, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near these cases, all of which require Special Prosecutors or Special Counsel or whatever they're calling them these days.

  3. Excellent point. I'll try to remember the phrase "conflict of interest" in future articles and interviews on this kind of situation.

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