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9/11 truth takes over peace movement!


VFP convention shocker! Overflow crowd seeks 9/11 truth

Kevin Ryan’s 9/11 truth talk – at 8:30 a.m. – drew a standing-room-only crowd at the Veterans for Peace National Convention in Madison today.

Also, James Lee – the Guantanamo chaplain who converted to Islam and got witch-hunted – added yet more evidence that no Arabs or Muslims were on the 9/11 attack planes.

Full story:

Klayt Morfoot, veteran and Eau Claire WI 9/11 truth activist & me at the VFP Convention
I met UW-Eau Claire 9/11 activist Klayt Morfoot at the VFP Convention.


4 Thoughts to “9/11 truth takes over peace movement!”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin —
    Just read your 'VFP Convention Shocker' piece where,
    near the end, you say "I assume that Kevin Ryan's title
    Another Nineteen means 'another' as 'instead of' rather
    than 'in addition to.' " If you've read more of the book,
    you've have discovered that, phenomenally, he does
    mean 'another' as in 'in addition to' the official story hijackers.
    He makes explicit that his purpose is to 'maintain' — i.e.
    save — as much of the official narrative as possible' (!!)
    The Pentagon chapter is especially absurd in the lengths
    he goes to in an attempt to save the official line. I concur
    with the below excellent and insightful review by Craig McKee…

  2. Anonymous

    I just heard you show where you said OJ was not guilty, I always have agreed with most of what you have ever said about stuff, but that takes me back, were is the proof that his kid did it.

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