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Remembering Dr. Bob Bowman, 1934-2013

17We just lost a political and military leader whose greatness far surpassed that of all of our post-World War II presidents and generals combined. And many of us in the 9/11 truth and peace movements have lost a friend – a kind and generous man we could completely trust.

USAF Col. Robert M. Bowman, Ph.D. passed away last night at his Florida home. I just spoke with his wife Maggie, who asks that condolences and inquiries about services be sent to Phil Restino of Veterans for Peace: RestinoP(at)

Dr. Bob Bowman somehow combined genius-level intelligence (his CalTech Ph.D. was in rocket science) with compassion, spirituality, charisma, and uncommon common sense.  If the USA were a meritocracy, he would have been elected President…

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  1. Anonymous

    I am saddened to read of Bowman's death. A few years ago I tried to get him to Purdue and contacted Purdue's ROTC unit. Sadly, Purdue is one of those entities totally bought and paid for by the military industrial complex. The Purdue Exponent, which contends to be an independent paper, axed our ad from Architects & Engineers a few weeks ago and has posted a number of articles in support of Mete Sozen and Christoph Hoffmann supporting the "official" explanations for 9/11 over the years.

    I never met Dr. Bowman in person. We last corresponded a number of months ago when he indicated that he was fighting cancer. Yet, somehow, I feel a sense of kinship with most everyone associated with this movement. If the nation is beginning to catch on, they need to start stepping forward.

    I will be attending the DC conference, and I look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for participating. Nice write up in VT.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful tribute to Dr. Bob, Kevin!

    He moved me to proud tears when he was in Peoria — the man was just full of Light!

    It's so good of you to close your piece with that hilarious anecdote between you two. In that way (and in many others), he vibrantly lives on.


  3. Dr. Robert M. Bowman passed away August 22, 2013.

    Visitation will be held Friday, August 30, from 5:00 until 7:00 pm at
    Beach Funeral Home, 4999 Wickham Road, Melbourne Florida.

    Eucharistic service will be conducted Saturday, August 31, beginning at 1:00 pm at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 50 West Strawbridge Avenue, Melbourne Florida.

    For further information see

  4. Anonymous

    Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt.Col., USAF, Ret. (September 19, 1934 – August 22, 2013)

    Hello Everyone,

    It is with sadness that I send this letter to you announcing the passing of a great Patriot and a great friend to so many of us in the struggle for peace and justice in our world. Our friend and comrade Dr. Bob Bowman passed away at his Melbourne, FL home on Wednesday night August 22nd at the age of 78 after a long, courageous 8 year battle with cancer. Dr. Bob, as he was so lovingly known to so many, leaves behind his wife of 57 years Maggie Bowman, their 7 children and 21 grandchildren.

    Colonel Bowman, the National Commander of the non-partisan veterans organization The Patriots … see … whose motto is "Follow the Constitution. Honor the Truth. Serve the People.", was well known nationally and internationally as the Pentagon insider who courageously blew the whistle in the early 1980's on the U.S. government's plans to use as an offensive "first-strike" weapon the "Star Wars" missile defense system which he had directed during much of the 1970's. Dr. Bowman's efforts led to his self-published book on the matter in 1985 entitled "Star Wars: Defense or Death Star?".

    Prior to directing the "Star Wars" programs while they were top secret and classified programs during the Ford and Carter administrations, Colonel Bowman served as a USAF pilot with service in Korea and Vietnam, having flown 101 combat missions as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. It was Colonel Bowman's war experience in Vietnam that led him to work for peace as a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and later as a celebrated member of Veterans For Peace, serving as its keynote speaker at 4 separate Veterans For Peace National Conventions. As has been the case with so many of our Vietnam Veterans, the cancers that eventually took Colonel Bowman's life can be traced to his exposure to the toxins of the Agent Orange he was exposed to during his war service in Vietnam.

    The Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace (VFP Chapter 136), Bob Bowman's home chapter, is asking all its members as well as members of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War throughout Florida and surrounding areas to do all they can to pass along this notice to our brothers and sisters so that we can turn out as many in our ranks as possible next Friday and Saturday, August 30th and 31st for the services in Melbourne, FL. VFP's Chapter 136 will be able to provide a limited number of VFP "Helmut & Dove" lapel pins to VFP members attending the services. Please contact Phil Restino at (386) 788-2918 or by cell at (386) 235-3268 for more information.

    Kathy Bracewell of the East Central Florida chapter of CODEPINK Women for Peace will be putting together a scrapbook display of photos and written testimonials that we receive from Dr. Bob's friends and colleagues. However the time is short, so if there is anything that any of you would like to contribute as remembrances then please email it us at as soon as possible.

    Please look below for specific details regarding where to send sympathy cards, flowers, gift baskets, etc. as well as dates/times/locations of the services. Thank you.

    Peace everybody,

    Phil Restino
    Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136
    Central Florida Veterans For Peace

  5. This is a blow. Do we know the cause of death?
    Thank you.

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