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Live from Egypt! Special “Egyptian fireworks” show with Abdullah Champeon

Thursday, July 4th, 11 to noon Central, (archived here).

The fireworks are exploding in Egypt, and it’s not for the Fourth of July. President Morsi has been overthrown in a coup d’état, and while some are celebrating, others are going back to the drawing boards to figure out how to free Egypt from its Rothschild overlords. See my article published today at Press TV:

Egypt needs real Islamic revolution

Guest Abdullah Champeon would be widely known as Wisconsin’s funniest white-boy Muslim, if I hadn’t beaten him to the punch with articles like yesterday’s Muslims defend pig farmer’s freedom.  He currently lives in Egypt.

One Thought to “Live from Egypt! Special “Egyptian fireworks” show with Abdullah Champeon”

  1. Anonymous

    Just caught the show on archive at NoLies, the one with Champeon. I'd like to say I thought this was an excellent broadcast by you, and I look forward to hearing more of Mr. Champeon on your show. It was refreshing to listen to him as a person on the ground with direct, unfiltered experience. I enjoyed listening to him explain to you how the Palestinians are really viewed by other Arabs in the region, as 'treacherous'. As someone who's travelled in the region I too am aware of this phenomenon, and am often surprised at how ignorant western based muslims are about ME based muslims towards Palestinians, and then try to blame all Palestinian suffering on Israel.

    I also thought it was interesting what he said about Egyptian turnout during the last election. 43% approximate turnout and Morsi won by 3.4% with 51% of the vote. Morsi's election clearly doesn't demonstrate that Egyptians want Islamic governance. In fact Egyptians just kicked him out for trying to bring them Islamic governance, once again reality demonstrates the opposite of what you say.

    More Champeon please! He was an excellent guest! Do you have his email address? I'd like to congratulate him.

    Thanks in advance. C1.

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