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Gordon Duff on Snowden, Bloomberg, and what the world is really like

Tuesday, July 2nd, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Special sporadic summer broadcast! Regular programming will resume in August.

When I stopped at his house on my way home from PorcFest,  Gordon tried to tempt me – a good, practicing Muslim – with his ridiculously expensive wines and high-end scotch. Shame on you, Gordon! (I did drink his turbo-charged espresso, which was so strong it too should probably be declared haram)

 Guest: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today.

Did Bloomberg News Service just dream up its story about John Kerry wanting to bomb Syria – or was its alleged report from a White House policy meeting the highest-level leak in history? And speaking of leakers, is Edward Snowden for real, or part of somebody’s agenda…or some combination thereof? And what’s up with the turmoil in Egypt? Why are “anti-Zionist Islamists” like Morsi and Erdogan acting like Israeli stooges? What are various European countries REALLY like – and how can Gordon, a serious World War II revisionist, travel there regularly without suffering the fate of David Irving and so many others? Did the FBI really conspire to kill Occupy leaders – and are Veterans Today staffers starting to get targeted for assassination, as a recent “Boston brakes” attempt on the life of Mike Harris suggests?

We’ll discuss all this and much, much more!

3 Thoughts to “Gordon Duff on Snowden, Bloomberg, and what the world is really like”

  1. Anonymous

    Report from TJ Radio's Egyptian correspondent: It is not outrightly talked about, but there is a coup on. The Army has delivered an ultimatum to the President to reconcile with the protesters that he can't meet. If he can't, they have their own road map that they will be implementing. The Noor Party has broken its alliance with the Brotherhood and 10 Moursi appointees have quit. All of the rich Brotherhood folk have left for the Emirates. WOW. Fun Times

  2. Kevin forgive me for posting this here, but the comments are closed over at No Lies Radio on the particular broadcast with Jim Marrs on April 30th.

    I have thought well of Jim Marrs ever since hearing him at the Deep Politics Conference. His command of the facts of the JFK assassination was very impressive. But it is hard for me to listen to your interview, even after I bite the bullet to give the benefit of the doubt to the subject of ancient aliens, when I hear you faintly and feebly challenge his blatant neglect of the Conservation of Energy law.

    You should have pressed him on that matter. Splitting water molecules is costly. It should and could be done with solar and wind, but it can't be done for free. Appealing in his folksy way to the credulity of those who wouldn't know Isaac Newton from Wayne Newton, as if fact checking were unnecessary, that is straight out of Publishers' Clearing House.

    I frankly had to turn off the podcast and find something else to listen to.

  3. I hear ya.

    But I've been more open to possibility that the "free energy" people could be right since reading Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point.

    Check it out and see what you think.

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