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David Ray Griffin, Gilad Atzmon take the United Nations!

Hillel Neuer: Unwitting publicist for two
of the most important authors of our time

When Israeli propagandist Sayan Hillel Neuer stood up on the floor of the United Nations and started waving around David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who?, he probably didn’t realize that he was giving priceless PR to two of the most important books of our time.

And yes, “priceless” is the word. Get a load of Neuer hawking Griffin’s and Atzmon’s books:

Neuer’s unintentional book-promotion stunt was meant to be part of his witch-hunt against Special UN Human Rights Rapporteur Richard Falk, who has warmly reviewed both books. (Listen to my recent interview with Richard Falk here.)  But what Neuer apparently doesn’t grasp is that the vast majority of people at the UN, especially the delegates from countries other than the US and Europe, absolutely loathe hysterical Zionist idiots such as himself. You can bet that after Neuer’s little stunt, many of those who witnessed it made a note to head for the bookstore or library to pick up a copy of Griffin’s and Atzmon’s books.

Most UN delegates are favorably disposed toward 9/11 truth and anti-Zionism. On the several occasions when Iran’s soon-to-be ex-president Ahmadinejad has stood before the UN and called 9/11 an inside job, the US and Israeli delegates, and a handful of US-Israeli puppet delegates, stood up and walked out. But the representatives of the vast majority of the world’s delegates not only refused to join the walkout, but stayed to give Ahmadinejad standing ovations! Obviously most of the world’s people, including their UN delegates, hold views closer to those of Griffin and Atzmon than to those of Neuer and his neocon uber-Zionist colleagues.

I was so impressed by Neuer’s genius as a book promoter that I decided to send him a proposal:

Dear Sayan Hilllel Neuer,

I saw you hawking David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who? on the floor of the United Nations, and wondered whether you might consider doing the same thing with my books Questioning the War on Terror and Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie. I believe that Richard Falk has made favorable remarks about one or both of my books, including this endorsement:

“I am grateful to you for your clarity and perseverance on the most significant unresolved issues confronting the nation!” -Richard Falk, Professor of International Law, Princeton University; United Nations Special Human Rights Rapporteur

Since you apparently agree with me that Richard Falk has excellent taste in books, perhaps that blurb will be enough to convince you to stage a public relations event at the UN on my behalf.

I admit that my books do not break new ground in the way that The New Pearl Harbor and The Wandering Who? do. Griffin and Atzmon are geniuses; I merely stand on the shoulders of such giants. But I hope you will agree with me, and with Richard Falk, that my humble efforts are not entirely without merit, and deserve to be vaunted on the floor of the United Nations.


Dr. Kevin Barrett

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