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Historian Norton Mezvinsky joins the truth jihad – for two full hours!

Fri.  5/24/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Norton MezvinskyNorton Mezvinsky is a history professor emeritus at Central Connecticut State University, and President of the Council for Middle East Studies. His areas of expertise include Zionism and the Palestine conflict, terrorism, Judaic history, and immigration history and policy.

Norton Mezvinsky is organizing a private event next week at which my friend Gilad Atzmon will be speaking to and with a select group of high-powered movers-and-shakers in Washington, DC. (I took Gilad to Ragstock here in Madison to buy the suit and tie he needs for this event.)

Dr. Mezvinsky – something of a “black sheep insider” whose nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton – is clearly willing to expose himself to unorthodox ideas and think outside the box. How far outside? Tune in and find out!

9 Thoughts to “Historian Norton Mezvinsky joins the truth jihad – for two full hours!”

  1. Anonymous

    I would not call Holocaustianity (the sacralization of the "Holocaust" mythos) a "replacement" for Judaism or Christianity.

    Those are the old Abrehamic cults.

    Holocaustianity is a modern SECULAR RELIGION

    Just as 9/11 has been enshrined as a kind of sacred (not to be questioned) myth.

    (per Robert Zelikow)

  2. I tend to agree. Though it does seem to me that since it's relatively okay to doubt or even insult God and Jesus, but not okay to doubt or insult the holocaust story, that suggests that a certain "replacement" has happened.

  3. Anonymous


    Double standards can be quite revealing and suggestive in terms of the direction they want to socially engineer things.

    Resolving the logic and motives underlying the apparent "contradiction" of the double standard is like traversing the path from leaves to branches to the strategic and psychological "trunk" of the tree.

    So we have a manifestly conscious and deliberate programming of dissing some traditional narratives and historic or cultural symbols, while paradoxically protecting others from all criticism.

    Note how the standard dismissal or denial of this program is to explain it away as simply a random or accidental misplacement of attention or "priorities".

  4. Anonymous

    Here's an example of an exploding double standard:

    Some youtube videos expressing shock and horror at the jack-booted "martial law" goose stepping in the Watertown "search and destroy" episode, drew a flurry of comments from African-American viewers harshly expressing their schadenfreude at these images from Boston:

    "Too bad. Now white people can experience what we blacks have routinely experienced over the decades …"


    "You white folk never gave a damn when we blacks endured this kind of violation of our most basic civil liberties and dignity as a matter of daily life."

    etc., etc.

  5. In the case of Christianity vs. holocaustianity, it isn't just a question of double-standards. It's a question of what is held sacred, and what is not. The sacred is defined as that which must not be profaned. Since people go to jail or lose their jobs for profaning the sacred holocaust story, but face no such sanctions for profaning Christianity, it's obvious that the holocaust story is more sacred in Western culture today than the Jesus story.

  6. Anonymous

    That's because the holocaust is real with lots of photographic and documented evidence, eye witnesses, and facts to back it up. The other one is a matter of faith, with far less supportive material.

  7. So you think "sacred" is the same as "empirically documented" ?! How bizarre. That's not what they taught me when I was getting my religious studies Ph.D.

  8. Anonymous

    I meant "AFR" not "AFP" in the comment above– as in Am. Freedom RADIO! Hope that was already evident from the context.

    As to holohoaxianity, find here dozens of FREE books, brochures etc deconstructing the Hoax of the Twentieth Century:

    As to the "eyewitness accounts",
    "No real evidence for the gas chambers, experts admit"

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, I must ask, what's taking AFP so long to post your shows to their archive? At this writing, the last show posted is May 15, 13 days ago!

    It's discouraging to follow your radio blog and check to find the archive MP3 of a show which sounds good, to find AFP hasn't posted any shows for… approaching 2 weeks now! Maybe you could gently rattle their cage to post MP3s in a more timely way, coz listeners are protesting (and heaven forbid, giving up waiting and moving on to networks who have their acts more together!).

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