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Barbecues, Not Holocausts: A modest proposal for Memorial Day

The Pentagram – I mean, Pentagon: 
World headquarters of human sacrifice.
“Today is Memorial Day – the day we Americans ritually sniff the charred flesh of the thousands of young people we have sacrificed to the gods of war – and pronounce it good.”
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2 Thoughts to “Barbecues, Not Holocausts: A modest proposal for Memorial Day”

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent! Rene Girard should be read ritually and publicly on Memorial Day.

  2. Anonymous

    Assalamo alaikum, Dr Barrett,

    I commend you on your invitation to, "Barbecues, Not Holocausts".
    It is a lovely proposal from having a cup of tea together. So sad that your article was hi-jacked into God vs no god conversation. In the argument, wisdom is lost. And the devil's work is done.
    Perhaps you should offer a powwow and smoking the peace pipe next?

    God bless you for trying to open people's mind.

    I do my little part when I can, to allay people's fears. I cover and I don't let that stand in my way. My covering was inspired by the story of a nun when I was teenager. I went to a few Bible studies at school, not because I disbelieved my parents religion and practices, but because I was curious. I told my Dad I wanted to be a nun, a Muslim nun. He explained that Muslim women had a more challenging life. We had to marry and have children and still be righteous. As a mother or six, I am living it, and still learning, Alhamdo lillah.
    I find any opening to talk to people, face to face. I like my fellow humans. I like them to know that I am not a threat to them.

    In reference to your article,
    "…As ubiquitous envy inexorably leads to social chaos, the group gradually turns its frustrations on a scapegoat. By uniting to kill or banish the scapegoat, the group re-establishes cohesion."
    Envy, jealousy, bearing false witness, stealing are all sins, but the greatest sin is to take a life, unjustly. I explain to those I speak with, Moses brought it, Jesus explained it, Muhammad upheld and lived it..(Peace be on them, all) The Sacred Commandments.
    The failure to understand and implement it in our lives is what has brought us into the evil times we live in. I advise myself first, then others to read and understand it and practice it in our daily lives. Man's laws are flawed, God's Laws are inclusive of everyone who chooses to hear and obey, for the good of all.
    Even the criminal can have a heart. Though the exceptions have hearts harder than stone.

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