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Why I am not a secularist

Tuesday’s radio guest, Feroze Mithiborwala, thinks that secularism is the solution to the problems of religious extremism and religious conflict in South Asia, and around the world. I disagree. I think religious extremism and religious conflict are being created/exacerbated by the New World Order as part of its war on traditional religion. It’s the same old “problem-reaction-solution” method they always use. Religious extremism and violence is the problem; the public reacts against it; then they offer a secularist New World Order dictatorship, run by closet Satanists, as the solution.

Below is my response to a pro-secularism message from Feroze.


Hi Feroze,

I don’t have much faith in secularism, which amounts to the removal of religion/spirituality from public life. That’s what the New World Order means – the first world order without religion as the glue that holds society together. The NWO movement is funded by the Rothschilds, and its avant-garde consists of Illuminati satanists who make a fetish of human sacrifice…which is what monotheistic religion came to eliminate.

See:   and

On monotheism as the end of human sacrifice, read the works of the great Christian philospher René Girard, who misunderstands Islam but is otherwise on-target.

 The only alternative to religion/spirituality as the prime force for social cohesion is coercion. And the secular societies are developing more and more horrific means of coercion. Secularism, in the long term, means Orwellian dystopia. We’re already most of the way there.

So the alternative to bad religion is good religion, not secularism. And bad religion is actually counterfeit religion – it’s a hollow shell that’s in reality a form of secularism. Saudi Arabia is just another version of Houston, Texas.

I think Islam is the best alternative (as Murad Hoffman put it) for the over-arching framework of governance of large-scale societies. Islam can take the model of Andalusia one step further, and protect and encourage other religions (somewhat selectively, of course – nobody wants to protect Michael Aquino’s Satanism) while establishing the basic principle that spiritual development is the prime good around which society is organized.  A society in which all workaday activity stops for the five daily prayers, nobody eats in public during Ramadan, no blasphemy against any religion is allowed, sexuality and sexual expression are reserved for the private sphere, all children receive some form of religious education, alcohol is far more rigorously discouraged than marijuana, mushrooms, etc. etc. would be vastly better than today’s secular “artificial paradises” that are so beautiful on the outside but so stultifying to the inner life, and so destructive to the biosphere. (Secular Europe is dying out because secular people are too selfish to want to care for children, while the secular USA is a plague on the planet.)

Islam is set up to create a framework for a religiously-based multi-religious society; no other religion is. Perhaps God intended it that way – that would explain why Islam is said to be the final revelation and Muhammad (pbuh) the seal of the prophets. 

Originally, the Enlightenment was very pro-religion but anti-coercion. Here in the US, religious organizations are still subsidized through tax exemptions for this reason.  And the hardcore atheists/secularists hate it. They’re destroying religious values through coercive propaganda and dumbing down the population. (Perception of spiritual values is the highest form of intelligence.)

The destruction of religious values in the wake of the Enlightenment and European world conquest is robbing humanity of its soul. The Islamic awakening is posing the most significant challenge to the New World Order globalist-secularist project, which is why all of the NWO’s coercive technologies, including the 9/11-launched war on Islam and the creation of synthetic “Islamic fanatics,” are being applied to destroy it.


3 Thoughts to “Why I am not a secularist”

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting analysis Kevin.

    I do agree with you on the point of the NWO agenda entirely as you well know.

    What we do differ is from the society that we both live in, the experiences & the terms that we employ.

    In India, secularism has a very different connotation from the way that it is understood in the West. The original word – seculos – which is not of God – has been transformed into 'sarva dharma samabhava' or" mutual respect for all faiths & cultures".

    Here in India, all faiths have equal stake in our Constitution & so do all Indian citizens – theoretically & the struggle to move towards that ideal is waged everyday.

    Thus there is a fine balance in India, where religious values & a liberal way of life carry on side-by-side, without any imposition of any sort.

    The point is that we have to differentiate between religiosity & spirituality. The NWO just does not mind religiosity & has them amongst its ranks & they include just about the elite from all faiths.

    I guess you have not lived in an Islamic state, nor have I, but am close by to my good neighbor Pakistan, tpo see its disastrous impact on the polity & society of that beleaguered nation. In India too the conservative Muslim organizations come up with some truly laughable fatwas time & time again.

    The larger issue thus here is spirituality, discarded by the Wahabis, salafists & even the MB, whilts practiced by the Sunni Sufi's & Shia's, who are one on this issue.

    Then there is also the point of growing intolerance amongst Muslim-Islamic societies towards the minorities that dwell in those nations & you should try & spend some time & do some deep honest research on this issue.

    Its also an Islamist supremacism, where for example, the Hindus & Christians are shunned as lesser human beings & not allowed water from the same well or drinking space.

    Also, I've evolved in my own way, because I've been open to seeking truths & insights from many religions & cultures & have friends from all religious communities & respect them for their beliefs & culture.

    In my estimation, the spiritual consciousness of humanity, of all of God's creation is now on the cusp of a great change & we will go beyond religiosity, to a common human universal consciousness & our relation with God, Allah, Ishwar, Yahweh . . . .

    Also I've never been to be politically correct & have taken independent positions all through the course of my 25 years as a political activist.

    So I guess, we have a different approach to how we envision society, but that is just fine & as long as we are honest about that with each other, the better.


  2. Anonymous

    "A society in which all…sexuality and sexual expression are reserved for the private sphere…would be vastly better."

    That's quite a bold statement. Why?

  3. René Girard explains, with a clarity few have managed, that the main source of human misery is mimetic desire. People see other people and want what they imagine others have, leading to what in Islam is called fitna, or escalating envy-driven chaos, violence, & mass hatred. The problem with mimetic desire is that it's exponentially-increasing and insatiable, because it can't be satisfied in the way first-order desire can be. If you desire an apple, you can eat one and be satisfied. But if you "mimetically" desire your neighbor's apple (or worse, his wife) nothing will ever satisfy that – whatever you get or don't get, you'll crave even more apples/wives afterward, because you'll never get what you imagine your neighbor had.

    Of all the kinds of desire, sexual desire is the most problematic in this regard.

    So if you want to minimize the mimetic desire problem, so that people can have inner peace and live lives of joyous contemplation of the beauty around them with an attitude of caritas toward other beings and calm, luminous hearts, one of the first things you had better do is make sure that visual sexual cues, "mimetic desire triggers," are removed or minimized from the public sphere.

    One of the reasons today's world is so ugly and violent and peopled with shallow, materialistic, low-consciousness people, is that all the public sexual cues are driving people insane.

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