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“White Identity” author Jared Taylor; RT commentator Adrian Salbuchi on Israeli false-flags & the new Pope

Mon.  3/17/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Call-in: 218-339-8525

Jared Taylor and the Rev. Jesse Jackson

First hour: Jared Taylor‘s book White Identity is well-written, cogently argued, full of supporting evidence, and likely to find a substantial audience. Yet it was turned down by every major US publisher, for the same reason that David Ray Griffin‘s books have been deemed unpublishable: political incorrectness.

White Identity poses some uncomfortable questions: Is “race” really a fiction? Is “diversity” really so great? Are all non-Jewish white people who are proud of their racial/ethnic identity, and organizing to promote their own group interests, necessarily a bunch of evil nazis? (Lots of other racial and ethnic groups are doing that, so why not white people – especially since whites will soon be a minority in the US if present trends continue.) The big policy question Taylor raises is: Should the US end immigration? You may not like or agree with Jared Taylor’s arguments, but they are more thoughtful and better-supported than many of the pollyanna-ish arguments on the other side; anyone who disagrees should at least listen to Mr. Taylor to better understand what they’re disagreeing with.

Second hour: Globalization expert Adrian Salbuchi, a regular talking head on Russia Today, is one of the world’s most informed and eloquent  political commentators. Today we’ll discuss the joint Argentinian-Iranian investigation of Israel’s false-flag bombings in Buenos Aires. And we’ll get Adrian’s take on the new Pope’s Argentine background, including allegations of misconduct during the fascist Argentine generals’ brutal “dirty war” in the 1970s.

3 Thoughts to ““White Identity” author Jared Taylor; RT commentator Adrian Salbuchi on Israeli false-flags & the new Pope”

  1. Anonymous

    Why did Mr. Salbuchi fail to mention that IJO took responsibility for the attack in Buenos Aires? They even stated their motivations.

  2. Anonymous

    All i can say is that I've never heard of the "IJO" or of anyone actually admitting they did the AMIA bombing…??
    Warm regards

  3. The commenter may be referring to the International Jewish Organization, an invention of the Israeli Mossad that sometimes uses the name "Islamic Jihad Organization" ; – ) This moniker was used as the patsy for the Mossad's attack on the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, among other crimes. There may be some Lebanese folks who also go as IJO. But whoever anonymously fingered the IJO for the Buenos Aires bombings obviously was Mossad, since the bombing was filmed and we know it was from inside the building, not from a car bomb.

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