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Hollywoodism conference covered by NY Times, LA Times,

Hollywoodism Conference Website

The Hollywoodism conference at this year’s Fajr Film Festival in Tehran has garnered significant mainstream coverage -and a fatwa from the Anti-Defamation League that names me as a leader of the “rogue’s gallery” at the conference!

NY Times: Stung by ‘Argo,’ Iran Backs Conference Denouncing ‘Hollywoodism’

L.A. Times: Tehran film conference denounces ‘cultural assault’ of Hollywood

ADL Press Release: Speakers at Iranian Conference Decry “Zionist” Influence on Hollywood

ADL: Iran “Hollywoodism” Conference Partners With U.S. & International Anti-Semites, Conspiracy Theorists

Foreign Policy: Mike Gravel on movies, sanctions, and what we can learn from Iran

Here are some photos from the conference:

Ken O’Keefe, TV host Nader Talebzadeh, me, & William Rodriguez hiding Arash
With Merlin Miller, who got my vote for president
I was in the middle of three million people rallying to celebrate the
anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on Sunday, Feb. 10th 2012
A sign carried at the rally.
Another scene from the rally.

Praying at Imam Khomeini’s mosque with Arash and William 

Allahu akbar

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  1. Anonymous

    William Rodriguez stole his hero story from Pablo Ortiz, a true hero who climbed to the 88th floor and used a crowbar to break open jammed doors and let people out. Mr. Ortiz saved dozens of lives and died when the north tower collapsed. Willie said "I'm the one who opened all the doors so that people could escape." In fact, survival rates on Willie's floors are no higher than on any other floors. The people were not locked in! Willie is a shameless fraud. Look at him pretending to be a godly man! Disgusting.

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