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Zionists panic, lash out at Blakeney & Press TV!

Wed.  1/2/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Joshua Blakeney, an award-winning British-born Canadian scholar at the University of Lethbridge (Canada), has been consistently drawing fire from the unregistered agents of Israel who dominate the North American media. Why? Blakeney wrote his thesis on the 9/11 inside job, and makes no bones about the fact that Israel and its agents did it. Recently, the Israeli propagandists in Canadian media blasted Blakeney’s Press TV report, “Parents dispute removal of Aboriginal children,” falsely claiming that Blakeney had made certain allegations that were in fact made not by him, but by his interview subjects. 

Second hour: Joshua Blakeney’s thesis supervisor, Professor Anthony Hall, is the author of Earth Into Property, one of several pro-9/11-truth scholarly books published by a major university press. (So why was I run out of the University of Wisconsin for doing this kind of scholarship?) An expert on indigenous peoples, Dr. Hall will discuss the rapidly growing Idle No More protest movement.

2 Thoughts to “Zionists panic, lash out at Blakeney & Press TV!”

  1. Anonymous

    Here are some recent interviews I did on Press TV addressing the Idle No More protests in Canada (I wrote a lengthy blurb with this one explaining the origins of Canada's Treaty System)

    Joshua Blakeney

  2. I was wondering where you'd got to, then I realized I hadn't updated my link to the 2013 archives of TruthJihad Radio … whoa, what a bonus, I've now got 4 podcasts to enjoy.

    I'm really enjoying this one and it's so true what you said about the media being dominated by people who "don't appreciate 9/11 truth, to say the least" and how "wikipedia is an agency of this condemnation of anyone who questions 9/11" … and the way we're "dismissed with this epithet conspiracy theorist", which is one of the common catchphrases used by the 911 Liars in their desperate attempts to kill any debate about the issue.

    I love the way you guys deconstruct these propagandistic tactics, it really is the best way to counter their effect, exposing them to scrutiny and critical thought strips the propagandists of their power and influence.

    A particularly effective antidote to the insulting and dismissive use of the term "conspiracy theory" or any of its derivatives, is to immediately identify the term as being a "dysphemism", which means "an offensive or disparaging expression that is substituted for an inoffensive one".

    eg. "Conspiracy theorist is a dysphemism for one who questions authority"

    "Conspiracy theory is a dysphemism for an alternative to the official narrative"

    While your smarmy anti-truth interlocutor is then struggling to think of an intelligent reply, you explain that "one common use of dysphemism is the disenfranchisement of one social group by another. Dysphemisms are used by people as tools of humiliation, degradation, and minimization of people of whom they disapprove." [quote from wikipedia]

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